Next Up in New Jimmy John’s Locations – Tenleytown

4433 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Jimmy John’s continues their expansion in the District. Next up – Tenleytown. Thanks to @lauradeal for tweeting us the photo above at 4433 Wisconsin Ave, NW near the Tenleytown metro. Incidentally the Jimmy John’s on G Street by Metro Center just opened.

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  • I’ve only been to a JJ’s once — the one on Pennsylvania. The service was fast but the sandwich was really unremarkable. The bread was kind of thick and flavorless, and the meat/topings were thin and meh. Did I just have bad luck? Any JJ defenders out there?

  • He kills elephants.
    i would never ever go to one.

  • What exactly IS a Jimmy John’s? Huh? Any news story, no matter how brief, should ID the subject. I’m sorry to be so unhip, but I’ve never heard of this place, which seems to be just another Quizno’s/Subway/Panera/Sbarro palace.

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