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    • don’t forget about the $200 men’s flannels!

      • jim_ed

        Not only that,, but they’re made in by well-paid craftsmen in known fashion destinations like China and Romania! Nothing but the finest hand-stitching I’m sure.

  • I love buying $100 tank tops and then stepping out to enjoy the peace and quiet of a completely empty downtown streetscape.

    • I’m still holding out hope that this will live up to it’s hype as the 18-7 Union Square style civic heart it was billed as. But yeah, I’m curious how much foot traffic this development will attract. The stores seem to be pretty high end stuff that will not be open late and not really target the masses.

    • won’t be empty for long. there is a ton of development going on in that area.

    • There’s a huge law firm moving in this year, so it won’t stay quiet for long over there. And I went by this morning on my way to work and was surprised to see lots of people walking through.

      Obviously until all the stores actually OPEN, traffic will be limited.

  • Nope. No thanks.

  • Looking forward to this mainly because I have never heard of them.

  • I think this basically confirms the demographic City Center retail is catering to: incredibly wealthy international investors that will snatch these condos up as pied-a-terre and need to do a little shopping when they forget to pack something in their luggage.

    • If you hadn’t realized that before this announcement you haven’t been paying attention. I don’t know why people keep acting surprised that the retail announcements here aren’t “for them”.

      • I don’t think anybody who has been paying attention is surprised (I’m sure not!). But this should put to bed the hopes of people who think Uniqlo or something is coming, and maybe that question will stop being asked. It was clear from the very beginning what this development was meant to be.

      • Not for them? Um, do you know how many women in this city own a Longchamp purse? Or how many men own a Tumi bag? Or wear Hugo Boss? These are not couture designers.

        Do you all shop at Target?

        • justinbc

          I think the implication was particular PoPville readers who complain about any announcement here that isn’t Apple or Uniqlo, not every wealthy person who lives in the DC area.

          • yes exactly. i read PoP every day, wear Allen Edmonds shoes, and own five Tumi bags. So yeah, this retail serves me well.

    • So basically condos that are occupied a few times a year, and very bored shop clerks waiting for their one customer of the day,

    • Sounds good to me. This was previously a parking lot, and is now home to tax paying, productive citizens with loads of disposable income, who will use very little services, and be a huge net gain to the cities coffers. No problems here.

    • either that or they are extremely optimistic

    • Who buys a pied a terre in DC? LOL. If I’m part of the jet-setting international elite, why the hell would I come to DC?
      There’s no real draw here, unless you’re here for business. And honestly, DC is a hub for domestic companies, not international ones. No one is flying across the Atlantic for the culture, weather, shopping opportunities, or natural beauty of DC. This is a company town – no more, no less.

      • “culture, weather, shopping opportunities, or natural beauty of DC” — yup, DC is devoid of all these things. Please feel free to leave for a “true” city of your choice.

      • OK, then replace “pied-a-terre for wealthy international travelers” with “corporate apartments for high-end law firms and lobbyists”. The target demographic doesn’t change much.

      • Umm, you answered your own question. People here on business. And do you really think there is no international presence in DC? Are you high? Leaving aside the diplomatic presence here, there are tons of international law firms, lobbyists, nonprofits, and corporations with a presence in DC. You must be new.

      • I don’t really understand why people think DC residents are not buying these condos? I know two people who have bought there. They are on the higher end for the square footage but they are not out of this world expensive. And I have heard from realtor friends these condos are top notch. I imagine the rentals will be harder to fill, but I do not see why there is some idea these are marketed for non-DC folks.

        • justinbc

          I’m guessing it’s the same people who see a $1.2M house for sale in Logan Circle and say OMG WHO CAN AFFORD THIS?!?!

        • + 1. I live in the building and have met many regular residents, so I don’t understand where the pied-à-terre idea comes from. Things are expensive, but many people (particularly DINKs) can afford to pay.
          I’ve heard that in DC, people always ask, “what do you do for a living?” when first meeting someone. Among condo residents, the question instead seems to be, “are you a lawyer?”

      • No international tourists or residents in DC?? What? Double What?? Uhm, let’s see…..State Dept, IMF, Embassy from every country in the world, World Bank,…..Packed with international employees and business travelers.

        The retail strategy of CityCenter seems to be focused on the convention center more so than the residents in their condos. The convention center is the 3rd largest in the nation and built with security standards to host the large international conventions. Now that the Marquis is opening, a Trump and Conrad hotel in the pipeline plus four others ready to break ground, they will finally have the rooms to support these types of conventions. The retail in CityCenter will cater to those visiting and the already present abundance of wealth in the city. As a side note, I wouldn’t give up on Uniqulo. They may open somewhere downtown close to Zara, H&M, etc., just not right in the CityCenter development. Retail attracts retail. It will come.

        • +1 – the IMF World Bank Meetings are the usually the highest revenue producing events for hotels in the city. I assure you, having worked in hotels for many, many years, there are probably wealthier foreign visitors to DC each year than many other cities in the country. Ask anyone working at the highest end luxury hotels in DC who stays there most of the year.

          There is a lot more foreign wealth in DC than you’d think. And plenty of condos in the city rented by embassies for their staff, or foreign business execs who are here all the time. Where do you think most trade lobbying is done in the United States? Not Los Angeles. I assure you.

  • Hard to believe that in a mere 15 years this little patch of real estate has gone from crack and prostitutes to $100+ t-shirts!

  • I’m looking forward to the first round of internet outrage (Plus maybe a sob-story news report from NBC4’s Pat Collins) when Zadig and Voltaire experiences their first DC-style mass bum rush of shoplifting ‘yoots’. Why flash-mob the H&M at 11th and F NW for a pair of Norwegian-twink-sized underwear when you can get yourselves a super-luxurious $300 hoodie from Z&V a few blocks away?

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