New Gym, Elevate, Coming to 14th Street in Capitol View Building

2428 14th Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word:

“On the way to check out Streets Market and noticed this signage has gone up!”

Elevate’s website says:

“Elevate is a different kind of gym. At Elevate, we provide the most complete workout in the City, fueled by coaching and science for our clients to optimize their fitness. At Elevate we utilize:

Daily Scripted Workouts
Heart Rate Monitors
Personally dedicated training stations
Top of the line equipment
Group Dynamics
High Intensity Interval Training

Individualized workouts in a group setting provide the structure, motivation, and instruction to break barriers, achieve personal goals, and Elevate to new fitness levels.”

Elevate will be located at 2428 14th Street, NW between Belmont and Chapin.


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  • Sounds like crossfit but maybe they don’t want to pay to actually affiliate with crossfit trademark?

    • Maybe they don’t want to be part of some quasi-libertarian cult.

    • yea, sounds similar to me
      they probably dont do as many random weight trainings though

      whats with my man jumping over flames though lol. or whatever is going on in that picture

    • They said nothing about burpies and deadlifts.

    • It looks as if there are CF elements in their programming (HIIT), but it looks like boot camp, more than anything. CF gyms normally have more strength work (Olympic lifting, for example), and they would never use treadmills, heart-rate monitors, and the like.

  • I think the woman in the poster is the same one from STK holding the bloody carcass behind her back.

  • have they talked to the folks with DC Department of General Services? I think they put #elevatedc on everything they put out on Twitter!

  • interesting. How many gyms can exist in one area? I can count at least 5 that i could walk to in 5 minutes (i live right next to this building.

  • As things continue to go into buildings in this area, the long standing vacancies at view14 become more apparent. Why haven’t they been able to fill that space?

    • I was thinking the same thing. This building filled it’s retail in a year. View 14 has been vacant for 3.

  • When someone opens a gym that doesn’t make exercise look and sound like torture in the advertising materials (I want nothing in my life that’s labeled “high intensity”) I might give it some thought. Make it sound like a fun thing I can do without feeling bad about myself.

    • Sorry to break it to you, but you cannot get in shape without hard work and enduring some pain. There is no way around it, and there never will be.

    • so basically you’ll just keep being skinny fat then?

    • There is such a “gym,” it’s called Planet Fitness. There is an alarm you can push if you think someone is “judging” you or working out too intensely. And if you complain that a fit person is wearing something that makes you feel insecure about your own body, the fit person will be forced to put on a smock.

      • I’m far from the best looking person or by any means the fittest, and I guess I understand the need for a “safe space” for those that haven’t realized it’s okay to do what you can and not be the musclehead in the room, but this sounds completely ridiculous.

  • I have heard about this gym! Everyone wears a heart rate monitor and their progress is posted on a giant tv screen, and each heart rate zone is color coded. So at any given moment you know how hard you are working and if you need to step it up or not. Actually looked like a really cool concept if you are serious about working out.

    • Seriously? While I do think Planet Fitness is a little extreme on the Average Joe end of things, real-time public shaming on a knowledge wall is too much. Are there public weigh-ins as well? Maybe public measuring of other body parts?

      The intensity of my workout is between me, my trainer, my spouse and my doctor. Oh, and Apple. And possibly Google. Pretty sure they have all that information as well.

  • I wish Equinox would open in DC :(. The gyms are a little pretentious for my taste, but my law firm subsidizes most of the cost so its super cheap.

  • Hello to everyone reading and commenting here. My name is David Magida and I am the Founder and General Manager for the soon-to-open Elevate Interval Fitness. I’m excited to see some buzz and interest in the facility and look forward to sharing my concept of group training with DC! For those of you who are curious, yes we focus on HIIT training. No, we are not CrossFit, although there are a few elements that are similar. We place a much lower emphasis on raw power in our routines and our workouts are non-competitive. That being said, our clients will be motivated by the effort and enthusiasm of the people around them.

    The Elevate workout moves clients through a variety of circuits incorporating equipment including: kettle bells, TRX straps, dumbbells, body weight, bosu balls, sandbags, rowing machines and the best treadmills you’ve ever set your feet on. Transitioning between aerobic and anaerobic effort with minimal recovery, our routines are designed to improve your strength, endurance and lactic threshold while shaping lean bodies, not bulky ones. Everyone who attends the workout is welcome to utilize our heart rate monitoring system, but it is by no means required. It’s simply displayed so that our participants have the opportunity to aim for a target heart rate zone to train more efficiently. Your results for max heart rate, average heart rate, calories burned, etc is emailed to you after the workout.

    As for the picture of the guy jumping over the fire, that’s me. I race for the Reebok Spartan Race Pro Team, competing in obstacle races around the country, and sometimes even internationally. It’s a passion of mine that I’m thrilled to share with the DC community. Elevate will be teaching Spartan Race/Obstacle Race training classes regularly, including a 12 week program for those interested before our facility opens for business. That program, designed to help you conquer any course, will begin May 13 and will run Tuesday nights at 6:30pm. This program will be fun and unique and will culminate 8 weeks in with the DC Spartan Sprint and after the 12th week with the Virginia Spartan Super. We hope to have a bunch of participants come and race on Team Elevate at those races! We will be enabling sign up for that on our website in the coming days.

    Again, thank you all for your interest. Be safe and keep working hard!

    David Magida
    General Manager, Elevate Interval Fitness

  • I think I’ll stick with Vida now that I’ve figured out how to swim in the Endless Pool w/o injury.

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