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  • On Sunday, I saw some workers erasing the street lines on M between 1st and 2nd Street. Does anybody know if they are putting in a bike line there, as well?

    • They’re not putting in bike lanes on M Street (although I’d love for that to be the next project!). They are just finally putting the double yellow line in the right spot. Right now it’s in the middle of the asphalt instead of being in the middle of the two driving lanes.

  • Is that a concrete barrier? Yay!

    Cars will still drive in it.

  • Yes, that’s exactly what it is. Just a trendy term.

  • I am in complete support of dedicated bike lanes. This is great news – can’t wait ’till the finish!

  • Let’s just hope DDoT puts up appropriate No Parking signs along the southbound side of 1st Street. Before the construction, there was zero signage in the 1200 and 1300 block, so it became 24/7 free parking, a block fro ma Metro station for Maryland commuters or for residents of DC who keep cars registered elsewhere.

  • i hate the way DC biking idiots do stupid things like drive on Rhode Island Avenue and Florida Avenue during rush hour, but totally support building separated bike lanes off the major roads. The Dutch understand this. We should copy them.

    • aww, frustrated sitting in all the traffic?

    • Um…, so the Dutch build cycle paths on pretty much every road, especially major roads, since major roads typically provide the most direct links between destinations and have the greatest need for protected bike lanes. So yeah, I completely agree with you that we should copy the Dutch!

  • I’ve biked down this a couple times. Its not officially open but there is nothing blocking it. Its not wide enough for a car. A smart car MIGHT fit, but no other car could.

  • so nice

  • Kudos to NoMa.!! So many exciting things happening in this neighborhood. Now, Mt. Vernon Square, please get your sh1t together and follow the lead.

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