More Pizza for H Street – Taylor Gourmet folks changing Steak and Ice into ‘Pizza Parts & Service’

Pizza Parts & Service
1320 H Street, NE

First opened in Dec. 2012, Taylor Charles Steak & Ice abruptly closed back in January. At that time we were told:

“All we can say right now are cheesesteaks are not dead.”

But the mystery remained:

Pizza Parts & Service_h_street

Frozen Tropics now reports the Taylor Gourmet proprietors will try their hand at pizza:

“The new place is called Pizza Parts & Service. Customers will be able to buy pizza by the slice, or by the pie. My source tells me that this pizza is NYC style pie.”

Not sure of the opening date but in the meantime you can enjoy some H&Pizza a couple blocks away at 1118 H St, NE right next door to the original Taylor Gourmet or sit down at the beautiful Red Rocks Pizzeria located close by at 1348 H St, NE – and of course you can get some delicious Shawafel located right next door.

More info on the resurrection of the cheesesteaks if/when it becomes available.

Pizza Parts & Service_taylor_gourmet

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  • I’m really not sure why they’d open a pizza place when Red Rocks and H&Pizza are just a block away. Especially since both of those places are so awesome. I can’t imagine Taylor doing a better job. But hey, maybe there’s enough of a glut in the market for pizza that everyone will do well.
    That name though. Sounds kinda gross.

  • I heard it’s going to be called Mugabe Robert Pizza.

  • Haven’t been to Red Rocks yet, but H & Pizza is amazing and has cornered the market in this area – I just don’t see how this new place will compete.

    • justinbc

      There are half a dozen carry-out pizza shops within a half-mile radius (aka a quick walk). &Pizza may be the best of the bunch, but they’ve hardly “cornered the market”. Clearly, lots of people want pizza. Anything they do has to be an improvement over what Red Rocks is offering (food wise, I do like the space at least).

  • Taylor(on h) has gone way downhill food-wise in the past year or two, and then H&pizza opened next door. H&pizza is always packed, and Taylor is empty. Is trying to compete with another pizza place really a good idea? Maybe try improving Taylor…

    • when they dropped the Wharton Street from their menu I dropped them from my list of places to eat.

    • I hadn’t had Taylor in ages, but just ordered late night delivery from them the other night. The meatball sub was bleh, but my veggie sandwich and risotto balls were delicious and much better than the only other viable option available, NY Pizza.

    • Thought exactly this. Last time I was on H there was a line out the door at &pizza and zero people in Taylor. I was in a rush, so I settled for Taylor but it couldn’t be more obvious that the DC honeymoon with Taylor (which I never understood) is over. I’d think the company would want to lock down the viability of growing and even maintaining its current offerings before expanding into different types of food, but maybe they think they can bite into those &pizza lines.

    • There is just always something off about the sandwiches, and I think it’s that they’re too dry. Too much dry bread, you can’t taste the flavors inside. I don’t remember having this problem a few years ago, so I’m assuming it has changed? I still order them from time to time, esp. when I want delivery, but I get h+pizza when I’m over there since they’re more consistently good.

      Salads and sides have been good.

  • This would be awesome if they deliver. While the market for pizza on H Street is pretty saturated, there is definitely a dearth of good delivery options in the area.

    • Ditto. We live in Capitol Hill and usually order from Pizza Boli’s which isn’t great.

      • Yep, I usually pay an arm and a leg for We, the Pizza when it’s open, but their crust is thicker than I like. It’s mediocre, but at least it’s better than the rubbery cheese and mystery meat from most of the other places that will deliver to the Hill.

      • we the pizza will come to your door…

        • While I agree that We the Pizza is slightly better, it’s not better enough to justify the much higher price. I was under the impression they closed fairly early too. I would be willing to pay extra for delivery pizza that’s on par with Wiseguy though.

          • indeed!
            i think you can have them deliver via postemates but in convo with the owner or one of the owners he made a good point “we dont deliver…. we dont have to”

            i wish they would thogh because i know id be within range and that would by far be my go to

  • while their cheesesteaks weren’t up to philadelphia standards, they were the best i’d found in the district. anyone have a suggestion for a suitable replacement? (and don’t tell me to trek out to bethesda – i already know about south street steaks there)

    • Al’s Steaks in Del Ray but I’m sure Philly purists will find something wrong with it. Mario’s and The Broiler do steak & cheese hoagies, so do most of the bulletproof Chinese carry outs. My advise is to give them a try and tell them to hold the L/T/M. Or learn to love the bulgogi cheesesteak at Cafe Kimchi.

      • justinbc

        Al’s is definitely the best I’ve had in this area. (without spending $15-20 on a “luxury” one at a restaurant)

      • jim_ed

        I know that its not authentic, nor is it something you’re supposed to admit you enjoy sober, but I love the steak and cheese from Mario’s. It’s a shame getting out there is such a pain from Petworth, because I could definitely do a triple cheese for dinner tonight.

    • Bub & Pops

    • I was wondering if I was the only one that liked the cheesesteaks there.

    • Thanks for the tips. I’m ideally trying to find something that doesn’t require me crossing a bridge.

      Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of Korean flavors, so I’m not so sure about the bulgogi steak. I’ve been to The Broiler, JJ’s, Philadelphia Water Ice Company (H St), the Cheesesteak Factory (Tysons/G’town when it was still there)…but still not finding anything that measures up to the corner store we used to hit visiting Grandma in Philly (Kensington) growing up.

      Can you tell I’m a little obsessed? South Street Steaks is the closest so far. Nice ‘N’ Greasy Steak ‘N’ Cheesy in Arlington (now defunct, but served at Rays to the Third) is also pretty damn good, but the bread is off the mark.

    • They were better than any cheese steak I have ever had in Phily…and they had good fries, I was really sad to see them change. But if there is delivery then it will make up for it a little.

  • diploj

    I predict Taylor is out of business in 5 years. Their food is good but not good enough to proceed with the kind of expansion we’ve seen.

    I am not willing to make a wager with PoP on this, though.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      hahaha but I keep losing bets 🙂

    • i don’t know about that. not for nothing, as who knows who votes in these things, but taylor did just win the washingtonian’s favorite sandwich thing, so it definitely still has fans. i’d bet against them going out of business but i wouldn’t be surprised if that H st. location closed. maybe another location too. the location at 5th & k is full on the regular, though.

  • if anythying keeps them open it will be the fact that they will offer decent fast pizza by the slice
    look at how many jumbo slices there can be in a small area

    and delivery will most deff help them if the pizza is decent

  • I like Taylor’s when their subs are $5. When they are not, don’t like them so much.

    Don’t see how they’re going to compete unless their plan is to just continue scooping up people who don’t want to wait in line for &pizza.

  • Hey Taylor Gourmet – My neighbors, friends and I up in Petworth would love for you to open a Taylor Gourmet or Pizza place up in Petworth. Tons of families here who are big fans. Hope you consider it!

    • I agree. Play it safe and open up within walking distance (north) of Howard on GA or take the plunge and go full-on Upshur. when that block becomes a destination for strolling you’ll have a cheap lease and an increasingly affluent immediate neighborhood.

  • They’re sandwiches are all bread, super dry. And they always run out of the whole wheat, so I’m stuck with the white. Probably 80% of the time i go there.

    And i never understood why they didn’t just serve steak and cheese at all Taylors. Just add it to your menu. Stop pretending sandwiches are a bigger deal than they are.

  • I like Taylor Gourmet. Their chicken salad (with bacon and avocado) is super delicious. But I do agree that, in general, the sandwiches used to be better. It’s the bread. I don’t know if they changed suppliers or if the bulk ordering is the culprit, but if you go to Taylor any time after 11:30, the bread is stale. And when really thick bread is even remotely too hard, it’s noticeable and ruins the sandwich.

    • Ah, so the trick is to get something that’s not like a hoagie/the thing that they’re know for.

      • Pretty much. The chicken salad is a sandwich and it’s usually pretty good, but definitely suffers from the same stale bread fiasco

    • My understanding is that they used have their bread delivered daily from a Philly bakery. However, as they got bigger, that was no longer feasible and they turned to a local vendor. I may be mistaken, but there is def something different about their bread since they first opened.

    • I always thought Taylor hoagies were dry. Still prefer Potbelly.

  • Can we get a Pete’s on the Hill? Ever since I moved from Columbia Heights I’ve missed this place.

    • There was supposed to be one coming to the former White Tiger space. I forget why that fell through.

  • Hopefully they are able to deliver as far down as the Southern Avenue line (a bit of a stretch i know). Folks further down Benning would probably love a decent pizza option (With the 3-4 new town home developments + apartments the make-up has DEFINITELY changed in the last 1-2 years). Adding to their customer base is probably the only real way to separate from the &Pizza model and the Red Rocks additional offerings. With Carolina Kitchen/TKO Burger, Bens, and the Peruvian Chicken spot on the way…..they have really gotta do something different. Amazed they gave up on the cheesesteaks so quickly.

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