Mission Mexican Restaurant Opens in Dupont

1606 20th Street, NW

Mission Mexican restaurant has opened in the former One Lounge space by the Dupont north metro. Oddly, their Facebook page says:

“We suggest taking Ubers or taxi cabs to Mission. Otherwise, Mission is directly across the street from the Dupont Circle Metro Station at 1525 Q Street (Connecticut Avenue & Q).”

Well that’s odd.

But anyway, their website says:

“Welcome to Mission, a restaurant and bar located in Dupont Circle featuring traditional Mexican cuisine from Executive Chef Rodrigo Albarran. Mission’s 6500+ square feet includes two large bar areas, three dining rooms, a spacious outdoor patio and a large private event space with its own bar.

Open at 5 pm daily, Mission will launch lunch and brunch service later in the spring. Mission’s cocktail menu, featuring freshly made cocktails, is available until last call nightly.”

You can check out their menus here.

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  • “Add side of sour cream ($1), cheese ($1), salsa ($2) or guacamole ($3).”
    Seriously? I want sour cream, salsa, and guac for my $12 tacos and you’re going to charge me $6 more? No thanks.

  • Probably trying to distinguish themselves from Lauriol Plaza, where it seems everyone drives and valet parks.

  • This looks great and the prices look right for the area it’s in. I suggest the previous commentator continue their patronage of taco bell.

  • I went last Saturday, it was a nice bar scene, but the food was just ok. I got the steak fajitas and the meat was overcooked and a bit fatty.

  • I had dinner there the day they opened. It was fine, nothing special, but I’d go back (not too expensive, near my office, probably won’t be a wait for dinner). I’m guessing that some of the quirks that we hit will be smoothed out after a few weeks or a month. It’s really big – there’s a whole upstairs too. They need to work on their plating system. Everything came with a side of rice and beans, which was served on a completely separate plate. There were four of us at a normal sized table, and there was barely enough space to fit all of the plates (two per person), plus glasses.
    Anon @ 4:47 – My friends and I were also astonished for the extra charges for sour cream, cheese, salsa, and guac. We should have asked about them – pretty ridiculous. One of my friend’s tacos order came with salsa, but I don’t think they charged for it.

    • justinbc

      While I would love to get free food everywhere I go, it’s become pretty much standard at any taco place in DC to charge for those things, especially guacamole. If you know of a place giving away free guacamole, please let us know.
      I was really impressed seeing the photos of how they turned around One Lounge, a place I always thought was kind of a cellar of a dump.
      The note about using Uber, instead of Metro right across the street, definitely sounds like a cross promotional thing and is a bit tacky if so.

      • Guacamole is almost never free, because avocados are expensive. But salsa is pretty standard for tacos, as are cheese and sour cream, so that’s pretty ridiculous.
        I’d agree with you about Uber cross promo, but they say Uber or taxi. And they don’t have any special code for Uber or anything.

        • justinbc

          Like I said, I agree they should be free, but almost all of the recently opened places I’ve been to in DC they are not. District Taco at least still gives them to you free as well.

      • I read the Uber, taxi, Metro bit as an attempt to subtly suggest that they don’t offer valet parking — so don’t even ask. As others have commented, I can sort of see charging extra for guacamole – but not the other stuff. if Chipotle can manage to include salsa, cheese, and sour cream in their base prices, this place should be able to as well. I’d rather pay a dollar or two more for the base price than the ridiculousness of getting multiple small charges for what I think of as standard condiments.

      • La Villa in Logan on 14th gives loads of guac with many dishes at no charge. Chimichanga? Its like… ~10 after taxes including rice, beans, salad, salsa, and guac. Pretty tasty too.

        • El Riconcito II gives you everything for free, or I guess it’s just incl. in the base price which is pretty cheap to begin with.

  • justinbc

    “freshly made cocktails” is another one of those stupid PR phrases that mildly annoys me. Is this supposed to distinguish you somehow? As if all the other restaurants are just making up all the drinks that morning and pouring them out of a big pitcher to anyone who wants one.

  • Reed Landry, creator of Late Night Shots, is one of the owners of this place. No thanks. I prefer my tacos without a heavy dose of misogyny.

  • Rode by this place on the bus last night….surprised that the big M-I-S-S-I-O-N letters light up like some kind of broadway marquee. I think it looks cool, but folks from the Dupont Circle Citizens Association or other historic preservation types may beg to differ.

  • Gotta agree with post 1 from yesterday. I can understand charging something for guac (though $3 is too much) but making customers pay another $4 if they want salsa, cheese, and sour cream…my desire to check this place out just took a nosedive.

  • Surprisingly good. Had the maui mahi tacos and was impressed. I would normally flinch at the add-ons for cheese, salsa etc I would offer two things. First they come with a spicy salsa verde which kinda negates the need for the extras, and secondly the tacos are huge. I am a tall guy and struggled to finish the third taco.

  • I went to here to other night, very excited to try. Was incredibly disappointed. The margaritas were incredibly week. The “squash with seared tuna” was zucchini with CANNED TUNA in it. It was not good. The tacos were mediocre at best. The cactus salad had little taste and was served with an “avocado dressing”. Upon further inspection, it was ranch. Super unhappy.

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