Loose Mastiff-Looking Dog at 3rd and F St, NE near Union Station

“Dear PoPville,

When I was jogging with my labrador this morning, a large dog jumped over his fence at 3rd and F NE (why do people think 3 foot fences can contain their large dogs??) and lunged at my dog, pinning him up against the fence. Thankfully, he wasn’t able to bite my dog and my screaming seemed to startle the dog enough to get them to separate and we were able to walk away. As far as I know however, this dog is still loose. It was a large, mastiff-looking brindle colored (brown/black) dog.”

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  • So, did you knock on the door to let the owner know? Did you call animal control? I’m not sure writing to PoPville is the most effective action you could take (no offense to PoP).

  • This sanctimonious post and those like it drive me crazy. Not everyone has the time or wherewithal to follow up on everything we see. The OP saw something and was giving the community a heads up. Your little lecture is unnecessary, not to mention likely hypocritical — that is, unless you chase everything you see to its logical conclusion..

    • Meant as a reply to JL. Don’t know why it didn’t post that way.

    • JL has a valid point – letting the PoP community know about a loose dog is no where near as effective as letting DC officials know. Also, I would argue that it’s at least as easy to dial 311 or use the DC311 app as it is to post to PoP.

      Props to the OP for following up with animal control – it would have been helpful if you had mentioned that in your post so that us community members would have known whether or not we should follow up with DC gov’t on the issue.

      • It’s not a valid point. The OP has no obligation to do anything at all, so every action taken is a bonus. Your assessment as to what’s easier is completely irrelevant.

  • I didn’t knock on the door to let the owner know that their menacing mastiff was loose…because their menacing mastiff was loose and still snarling and following me and my dog. I thought it best to get myself and my dog away from there. The first thing I did when I got home was call animal control and advise them 1) there was a large dog running around and 2) which yard that dog had escaped from. I emailed PoP because I know a lot of neighbors read this blog and wanted to make sure people walking in the neighborhood were aware of a large, potentially aggressive dog running around.

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