Location of Shake Shack Coming to Union Station Confirmed as former America space in West Hall


Finally signage has gone up confirming the location for Shake Shack coming to Union Station. Back in September of 2013 we first learned a Shake Shack would be coming to Union Station. When the second Starbucks moved back in January, I assumed it was to make space for Shake Shack. However at that time rumors continued to persist that a Captiol City Brewery brewery would be taking over the former America restaurant space which closed in Oct. 2011.  Happy to finally put those rumors to rest.

And to those who don’t like Shake Shack – we get it, we get it – you don’t like Shake Shack. Ok. Noted.

For those of us who do like Shack Shake, stay tuned for updates as they get closer to opening. Oh yeah, they’ve also applied for a liquor license that says:

“Restaurant serving American cuisine, specializing in burgers and shakes with a seating capacity of 166, total occupancy load of 220 and Summer Garden with 52 seats.”

Hours are listed as Sunday through Thursday 11am – 11 pm and Friday & Saturday 11 am – 12 am.

Entrance in former America space next to new Starbucks location in West Hall


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  • justinbc

    Shake Shack is boring, but Cap City Brewing is just plain terrible, so I guess the lesser of two evils isn’t so bad.

  • Shake Shack is probably my favorite as far as burgers go, but I ate there this weekend and I’m disappointed in their new fries. Yeah yeah, they’re fresh cut, not frozen, which is great and all, but they have the same problem most other restaurants with fresh cut fries do – they don’t cook them long enough, so you end up with limp, undercooked, greasy fries. Gross.

    • justinbc

      +1 on the limp fries, I hate that!

    • Which is why they went with frozen crinkle cuts to begin with: consistency. BUT the “ZOMG fresh fries are TOTES teh BESTEST in teh DMV LULZ LOL!!!!” idiot bastards demanded fresh, so you get greasy Five Guys “fresh” fries.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Shake Shack is okay – the dogs are pretty good and I like the double stack burger and shroom burger. But that is one heck of a huge space. We had meetings at BLS and lunch at America 4x a year and they could always take a party of 10 – 12 with no hassle. Will be interesting to see how they use the space.

  • I’d consider giving up my first born for a Shake Shack in the big spot at Park Place (at GA Ave and NH Ave)

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