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  • justinbc

    I’m guessing this is somewhat related to the Apollo complex coming to this block? There BBQ was decent, nothing to get too excited about but not bad in comparison to other DC places.

    • justinbc

      *their, rather, ugghh Mondays.

    • I know you claim to be an expert on BBQ because you’re from NC, the home of east Carolina BBQ, which has the consistency of baby food and the flavor of paper, but this comment reveals how backwards your BBQ taste is. Don’t worry, you’re not alone… Most people I’ve heard from who are from NC don’t know good BBQ nearly as well as they think they do. There sure are a lot of BBQ shacks in nc, and some of them are even good. But, I’ve found that the BBQ doesn’t live up to the hype dealt by the state’s residents and diaspora.

      Inspire wasn’t very good and there are better places in the dc area.

      • justinbc

        I’m just gonna ignore your NC trolling, Mister Anon Expert, and simply state that I never indicated there weren’t better places in DC. In fact, there are several, but this one was at least better than most of the fodder that passes as BBQ here.

  • They’ve been closed for a while now, just without any announcement. The whole thing is very strange.

  • Meh, their BBQ was mediocre at best.

    • Their ribs were good! I’m sad they’re leaving, it was the only BBQ place within walking distance of my apartment. Plus their sauces were good and everyone there was super nice.

  • They say to not judge a book by its cover, but one look at this place and you knew they weren’t going to be around for long.

  • I ran into the owner of Inspire at Union Market a few weeks back, he was looking at moving there because the owner of his current property either was raising the rent or selling the property (can’t remember which).

    • The owner is probably selling, since the Apollo development is coming soon.

      Any word on whether Hikari Sushi is staying put post-Apollo?

  • I approved of their philanthropic aims and efforts, but the barbecue really wasn’t that good. However, their collards were pretty good.

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