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  • I used to live down the street but never learned the story of this place. I’d said hi a few times but never stopped to chat. People who live here seem slightly older than the standard group-house crowd. But definitely nice people. Anyone got the info?

  • I love this house! And I also noticed the crayon not too long ago – I don’t think it’s been there for years.

    • I had never noticed the crayon and I used to take the H4 past this place every day. I love this house, I think the tricycle sculpture is really cool.

    • I live near here and the crayon is new. Its funny because there is an old beat up pink and white (more brown from dirty) falling apart dollhouse looking place across the street from this beauty. I was in Last Exit one night and actually met one of the residents – nice guy. Also, not sure if its still there, but I feel there is a giant wood sculpture crucifix in one of the rooms you can see into walking by.

      • I think that house used to belong to Dave Clarke, former chairman of the DC City Council (although he lived in a house around the corner on 17th St).
        Preventative maintenance would go a long way towards preserving this house.

  • justinbc

    Holy wow, what a wild one! Is this a daycare or something? What’s that box looking thing on the side of the porch?

    • It is the meter, nicely hidden away.

      This house is awesome. My GF lives a few doors down and I always walk by and wish I could sit on the patio.

    • I used to live nearby. I always saw slightly older couple there (probably just into retirement age). I love that house and that porch is awesome and reminds me of home. Sitting out there to people watch would be fun.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Wow! Love it!

  • I looked at the basement apartment in this house several years ago and walked through the ground floor of the main house — it was stunning on the inside, filled with antiques and woodwork from around the world.

    Basement apartment was nothing fancy, but it was huge. Sadly, I did not get it.

  • I love this. I live in teh Capitol Hill historic district which is way too conservative and would love to see something more creative and fun like this. Would I be allowed to do something like this or does the historic designation prevent any such fun?

    • Mt Pleasant is a historic district – I’ve not seen any regs that would disallow trike sculpture and giant crayon on the wall.

    • justinbc

      You run into more issues if you start changing things structurally. When it comes to stuff in your front yard, I see all sorts of crazy things all over Capitol Hill, so you’re probably OK.

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