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  • “fromage” is cheese in French so loosely speaking this is Chuck E. Cheese in French. this might actually be lots of fun if it opened in CityCenter.

  • Awesome! Too good to be true.

  • Honestly, while this is just a joke, I think an idea like this could actually succeed. There are lots of well-to-do yuppie types now living in DC who have young children, and I suspect they would love a place where they could eat well while keeping their kids entertained.

    • Yes, and I AM ONE OF THEM. I’d love nothing else than to knock down some Fois Gras and Chablis while watching my 18 month old go crazy in the ball cage. That’s the DC yuppie parent’s version of heaven. Hell, on the other hand, is Chuck E Cheese. Their “pizza” is cardboard topped with ketchup with some weird cheez like substance on top. And to top it off, you have all those stupid dancing robot bears, and you gotta drive two hours to get there because they’re all out in Frederick or Fredericksburg, or one of those places. Ghef Geoff – shame on you for getting my hopes so high and then crushing them.

    • I also wish this was true! I have a vision for a restaurant where the whole center is a glassed-in playplace for kids. Healthy snacks, engaging toys, and supervision. The perimeter is a totally legit restaurant serving food people actually want to eat. Parents can watch their kids play and have fun while enjoying a nice meal. Who’s in?

  • good job geoff. douchebag

  • Very similar to another joke/bad idea – i.e. Thomas Foolery.

  • I thought this was a fun and cute April Fool’s Day “joke”. In the spirit of the day, and gave me a smile. However, tickets to redeem for cheese? That’s an AMAZING idea!

  • I think this sounds awesome

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