grk Fresh Greek applies for Liquor License, Coming Soon Signage Posted

1140 19th Street, NW

Back in Feb. we learned that a new Greek restaurant, GRK Fresh Greek, from NYC was coming to 19th and L St, NW next to the recently opened Noodles and Co. They’ve now posted coming soon signage and a liquor license placard says:

“New restaurant serving Greek cuisine with a sidewalk café seating 36 patrons. No entertainment. Total occupancy load is 150.”

Hours are listed as Sunday through Thursday 7am-2am, Friday and Saturday 7am-3am.

Located between Noodles and Co and Science Club on 19th

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  • I predict this will be as mediocre as the other New York imports to grace us and the amazing Greek Deli will continue to thrive.

  • What do restaurateurs have against vowels these days??

  • Is there anything more pretentious than a new Greek restaurant that brags about their authenticity when they’re 3 doors down from a restaurant run by an actual Greek guy?

  • I misread this as “grok” and hoped it would be a Robert Heinlein themed restaurant.

  • Yeah, I’ll go to this place… If Greek Deli, a couple doors down, unexpectedly burns to the ground. I don’t understand the owners thinking. Its like they opened up their restaurant with the primary goal of nabbing customers who get frustrated waiting in the long line at Greek Deli. I have another great business idea, how about we put a generic cookie cutter Indian restaurant with nothing special to offer in the shadow of Rasica.

  • You guys really don’t know what you are talking about …I happened to have worked in the financial district few months back and have actually tried their food. Being greek myself I can assure you this is the most authentic greek YEERO I ve tasted in this country! Also, I ve been to Greek deli many times and their traditional dishes are amazing BUT…grks menu has nothing to do with Greek delis’ menu. They don’t have moussaka and such…they don’t serve that “compressed meat” that most call gyro here…it’s authentic rotisserie greek yeero and house baked pittas…and their frozen yogurt is phenomenal too.

  • Hmm. That’s interesting. GRK gets negative comments, then suddenly two comments with generic names “George” and “Tom” posted 2 minutes apart show up saying how authentic it is…

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