Great Pop Up in Petworth



You can’t even tell it’s popping up from the street – you have to go around back:


It pops up about halfway only in the back so it’s not visible from the street and it looks like their could be a little roof deck on the front part.


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  • This is awesome! What part of Petworth? I’d like to see this in person (I’m about to start working on my first pop-up in DC)

    • 5th St just south of Grant circle on the west side of the street.

      Walked by this many times – never realized it was a pop-up. This has been under renovation for what seems like forever.

      • renovations have a funny way of seeming to take forever. we’ve been renovating our house and are about to enter month 8, with people working on it every single day and many saturdays.

        • Most contractors have a funny way of prolonging projects with change orders and unexpected delays. Although it could entirely be due to the scope/level of renovation. Goodluck and share some pics when its done!

  • Yay! A pop-up that preserves the original street-scape and roof lines: WIN/WIN!!

  • Does anyone know the architect and/or contractor for this job. I really like the design.

  • Check out the one on the 3800 block of Kansas Av. Maybe 3815? Very nice renovation that’s been done for months. Heard they screwed up their permitting… Hopefully will be on the market soon!

  • Bravo! Great to see someone taking the time to do it right and really enhance a property.

  • This is the way to do it! Now if we can only get this mandated as the only way to do pop-ups in the city.

  • I really appreciate this getting a little notice! I work hard to develop sensitive design solutions everywhere in this great city. I’m the designer and Adela Construction is the contractor. We work together as DC Modern Design Build with our office in Anacostia at the Anacostia Art Center on Good Hope Road. Again thank you for the notice and the compliments.

  • notlawd

    Awesome job so far Michael! Please keep us posted on the progress if the homeowner allows. I would love to get an estimate to do this to my house!

  • Emmaleigh504

    We call these camel-backs in New Orleans. There is a long tradition of keeping the front 1 story and having 2-3 story backs. Something to do with taxes or so the story goes.

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