Good Deal or Not? “penthouse master bedroom suite fully equipped with private decks, wet bar and soaking tub” edition

2009 Columbia Road Northwest

This unit is located at 2009 Columbia Road, Northwest. The listing says:

“SPECTACULAR top floor unit with 3 BR/ 3.5 BA, garage parking, 4 outdoor spaces, private elevator, and penthouse master bedroom suite fully equipped with private decks, wet bar and soaking tub. Over 2,300 Square feet, on two levels, of luxury living and unbeatable finishes. The absolute best Kalorama has to offer. Two-zone central A/C, beautiful HWF and 11 foot ceilings.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for 1,695,000 ($447 monthly fee.)

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  • I don’t know if its a good deal–but I love the space. if the rooftop offer nice city views then I think it would be worth it..
    Speaking of great views- the best views I’ve ever seen where from the condos(clifton hill?) coming down 11th just north of Florida Ave. Do those units ever come on the market? I knew someone who combined two units and just had the best views ive see in DC.

  • Love this condo….wish I had the money to buy it.

  • Not a huge fan of the kitchen but otherwise it’s a beautiful place. Love the decorating as well. I wonder how much of a pain it would be to get furniture up those stairs.

  • I don’t see anything special that would make this a nearly $1.7 million place. I guess the location? Really the only thing I like is the roof deck with the minibar. Otherwise it just looks like any other run of the mill flip job.

    • And the winner for stupidest comment goes to…”Anonymous”!

      Umm, well, I don’t know. I guess location could like, perhaps, be a determining factor in the price of a home. I don’t know. What is it they always say, It’s “minibars, minibars, minibars” that determine a home’s value?

      • Wow, you’re incredibly rude. I don’t think it’s stupid to think this place doesn’t look special. To me, it sure doesn’t. If I have $1.7 million to drop on a place, it better be spectacular. And not a condo.
        Oh, and I’ve bought and sold four houses in DC, so I definitely know how it works. I am not particularly familiar with real estate in this area since obviously it’s way too expensive for me.

  • BRB … looking for loose change under my couch cushions

  • justinbc

    We discussed this building recently right? I think I remember pulling those floor plans then and wondering what it would look like. Have to say, overall I’m a fan. I don’t think there’s anything really a “deal” about the price, but I think it’s pretty fair with the size and location.

  • Less than $800/square foot in prime area. Not bad. Appears to be very well done. But I have my doubts the rooftop has much of a view. Looks like most faces the backside. I actually love the porch area on the front much more.

    If only I had an extra 1.7m sitting around.

  • for $1.7 million I don’t want to be dealing with a condo association, especially one with only 6 other households. It only takes one or two to stop paying before you lose FHA certification and stop having enough reserves to maintain the building, or to behave badly and make everyone else’s life miserable.

    For the same price you can have a 6-bedroom mansion on half an acre (!) in Cleveland Park: (admittedly, some people would prefer the condo’s design choices and don’t want to deal with that much landscaping). But for $400k less you can have a whole rowhouse, newly renovated, closer to metro, in a good school zone, with parking: or (which also has a rental unit).

    So I say not a good deal on the condo.

    • if you just don’t want to deal with the fees and organization, that’s one thing. but jumping to the FHA stuff is a pretty wield conclusion.

      you don’t lose FHA status because some people aren’t paying condo fees. you can lose it for a variety of reasons, but not directly that. also, this condo couldn’t be FHA anyway. maybe other ones in the building, but you couldn’t get an FHA loan high enough to pay for this particular condo.

  • I would never buy a place with a bathtub like that. I always wonder: where would you put your shampoo or razor or other things you need when you take a bath or shower? Does anyone on this web site have such a tub and can you tell me what you do in this regard, besides put your things inconveniently on the floor or put a table next to the tub? I have been puzzling over these kinds of tubs for awhile, so welcome any input.

    • You have your butler hold them on a tray, obviously.

    • you get one of those little chrome hanger things that goes on the edge of the tub. Or that’s what I had with my clawfoot tub.

    • I had a niche with glass shelves installed in the wall right above the tub so I could put all my stuff there. I don’t have such a modern looking one, but a more traditional claw foot version.

  • I’ve always loved the exterior of this building — one of my all-time-favorites in DC — and dreamed of having that top-floor columned portico. This is the first time I’ve seen the exterior. Awesome! And that deck!!

  • Very nice place, but what ‘safe’ decor! It is screaming out for some color. I’d like to be able to buy it just to be able to put something orange or red or purple in it.

  • Beautiful house from the outside. Were these always condos?

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