Good Deal or Not? “Master with vaulted ceilings” edition

4212 4th Street Northwest

This house is located at 4212 4th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Beautiful, newly renovated row home 4 beds 3.5 baths. Open floor plan new hardwood floors. Kitchen w/Stainless appliances and marble counters. Large deck off the kitchen. 3 bedrooms and 2 baths upstairs. Master with vaulted ceilings and en-suite bath w/dual vanity. Lower level w/4th bedroom and 3rd bath, wet bar and family room, rear exit to detached 2 car garage. 6 mins to metro”

Ed. Note: Before we get into this argument…I’m not exactly sure what mode of transportation is 6 minutes to metro – but since I live nearby – for me it takes about 10 minutes to walk to metro and about 3 minutes to bike there.

You can see more photos of the inside here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $699,900.

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  • jim_ed

    I thought the house looked small, so I looked it up on redfin and its listed as….. 866 sf? Good god, if that’s the case, then this is the worst deal in Petworth.*

    *(I know this probably does not include the newly finished basement, but this still seems like a ton of money for a small house).

    • justinbc

      Sold on 11/4/13 for $179,572. That’s quite the mark-up, even considering a nice looking renovation. I really hope this one gets revisited, assuming it sells.

  • Even with the basement it’s 1300 sq. feet. It’s TINY. It’d be $539 a square foot if you count the basement – any one know how that compares to area comps?

    • A house about five doors down on the block sold at the end of Oct for $675k and is listed at 1,920 sq ft. I went into this GDON house yesterday and think the sq foot listing is incorrect. Both these houses are on a similar lot. The GDoN house is a bit narrower because of the walkway on the south side but not half the size.

  • That’s an UGLY kitchen. Who ever thought those puke-green cabinets were a good idea?

  • Why?! Why would you put in that bright white backsplash with cream cabinets? Even if you warm the walls up from the institutional white they’re painted, that backsplash is ALWAYS going to look out of place.

  • The square footage is way off. I went through it during the open house yesterday and it is bigger than it seems. It has two nice size bedrooms on the top floor and one small one. It also has a fourth bedroom in the basement, along with a sitting room, bar, and bathroom.

  • There’s no way it’s 866 sf. My guess is 1400-1500 plus 700-800 for the basement. Other than the interesting color of the kitchen cabinets, this house looks like every other flip…

  • I walked through the open house yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. This house and its twin are the only two like it on the block having been originally built a bit before the standard row homes you will see on the rest of the block. I am bad at guessing square footage space but have to believe the listing is incorrect. I have been in other homes on the block that share similar lots and layouts and can’t see how this is half the size of all the other houses.

    There were a few curious things such as the stair cases were not directly on top of each other. This create an overhang/shelf area on the staircase going into the basement which was finished nicely and a little extra storage space but an odd layout original to the house. They opened up the ceiling to the dormer window in the master which is nice. This created an extra set of storage space above the master closet but also open up the dormer window to sunlight. I would be curious to see how the eventual owners address that. The master bath was a bit narrow. The sink closest to the toilet is a tight squeeze to get to and the far left cabinet can’t open fully. Not deal breakers in my opinion. The outdoor deck was very nice as was the open space below it, a concrete pad that was shaded and provided a mud room entrance into the basement. It also looks like the garage does not come with a door, or at least is showing without one right now, so the owner may need to install one before it is useable.

  • I saw the house yesterday as well. I would guess the two main floors are less than 1,000 sf because it’s very narrow—probably not more than 15-16 feet wide and maybe 30 feet deep (guesstimates based on my own 1400 sf house). I agree the second sink in the bathroom was weird. i guess you could sit on the toilet while you use it. I’m always impressed that you can see the cathedral from some of these houses. Very nice. However, the bedrooms seemed small. I always wonder where people are going to put their dressers.

    • Second the dresser question. Not architects can move into this house because you would have to give up that drafting table in the master for dresser space.

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