Good Deal or Not? “Idyllic Logan Circle rowhouse” edition (reader request)


This house is located at 1458 T Street, NW. The listing says:

“Idyllic Logan Circle rowhouse with 2BR/2.5BA & parking! Main lvl features open-plan LR & DR, stunning office w/ exposed brick & skylights, & a renovated kitchen. The LR, w/ gas FP, has bay windows the overlook the deep, front garden w/ seating area. Kit w/ marble countertops & top-of-the-line appliances opens to rear deck & parking. UL has 2BR suites”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $1,075,000.

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  • justinbc

    I love this block, and that’s a really nice looking place with a great kitchen, yard space, parking, and patio. At under $600 sq/ft I would say deal for sure.

  • HHmmm I’d say deal,only because it’s a house with yard/parking. 2bedroom condos in the area are not far from these prices once you include condo fees etc, with lot less sqftage.

  • I’ve always admired that row of houses on T St. Nice first floor reno but those houses are very small. Price seems a bit ambitious.

    • I just read the listing. I don’t believe that is a 1872 sf house.

      • justinbc

        Yeah I saw that amount and thought this row doesn’t seem like the houses are that large. I wonder if they’re counting something they shouldn’t be?

        • The house has a partially finished basement where the ceiling is probably 4.5-5 feet from the cement floor. It’s space, but not really space you would use every day. You could finish out the basement and put a kid down there (preferably your own kid, weirdos), but as an adult it’s not an area you can stand in comfortably. Good storage though!

        • The house includes a large addition in the rear, legitimately adding a lot more square footage. I do not believe the basement was included in the SF calculation.

      • If you read the public records on the listing it says it’s 2,462 sq ft including 590 sq ft of unfinished space. I don’t how that’s possible. My 3 BR, 2.5 bath with 1 br, 1 bath apartment has a total square footage of 2500 and this house looks much smaller.

  • Beautiful. But I agree with the earlier poster re size. I’ve been inside a couple of these and I don’t think they’re that big, unless this one includes an addition. (But the size of the backyard/parking space suggests that hasn’t been done.)

  • They are counting an UNFINISHED basement. I’ve seen this house on the inside – its tired and its not a coincidence that there are no photos of the bathrooms – they are hideous. This price already had a price drop – it’s not a good deal and hasn’t moved in weeks.

    • justinbc

      If that’s true then that adds almost $300 sq/ft to the price, and in that case I retract my previous comment about this being a good deal.

    • I was wondering about the bathrooms. The kitchen is reasonably nice- though I think that counter is a bit too busy. I was confused by the table in the light well. What is up with that?

      • I think that’s the “stunning office with exposed brick and skylights,” but I really hope I’m mistaken.

  • Initially thought it was a great deal – the front garden is awesome, the living room looks great – but those kitchen floors are awful and the back deck looks small. Also, i thought that the office looked neat, but now I’m having second thoughts on that…

    • justinbc

      Terracotta floors can be very polarizing, I actually think they accent the kitchen well though. I do agree about that outdoor (?) office though, kind of odd.

    • I’d prefer if the living room space had some remaining walls/doorways. and it looks like you have to sit on the steps to be in line with the TV.
      Is the “iOffice” space a former light shaft that they put a sunroof over? I kind of like it, but would have to check it out in person to make sure it doesn’t feel like sitting at the bottom of a well.

  • I’ll say it: yikes. I’ll never own a house here.

    • however, it’s a lovely house and will still probably go for more than that.

      • I doubt it will go for more. I own a 3 bed, 2 1/2 bath with 2 car parking one block away and would think 1.1 mil is about the limit for a home that doesn’t have an income basement. And a two bed w/weird outside office? Not for much over what they are asking. It does have some very nice features though and should sell quickly.

  • red flag: pictures of the neighborhood rather than the bathrooms and basement…

  • Whats up with the outdoor office?

  • Considering 1311 Irving St. – with 4,812 sq. ft. – 4 bedrooms and and 1 bd. legal apt. plus garage is on the market for only 25K more, I’d say not a good deal.

    • location, location, location. didn’t you go to real estate school?

      • justinbc

        Yeah I wouldn’t say those two properties are really comparable.

      • You’re right about location! The Irving St. house is a much better location – closer to Metro (1/2 block) with dozens of restaurants and bars within 2 blocks, beautiful tree-lined residential streets and only 15 min. walk or one Circulator stop to U St./Logan. Of course some people prefer one or the other neighborhood, but I certainly didn’t need to go to real estate school to know that getting more than twice as much house, plus a rental unit for only a few thousand dollars more is the better deal. (And no I’m not an agent and have nothing to do with this listing. I only know about it because I live on the block.)

        • Sorry, Columbia Heights < U Street

        • Irving St. might be a better value overall, but arguing that it’s “a much better location” is just ludicrous.

        • Not even worth responding to. Anyone comparing Col Heights to anything south of U Street is unhinged.

          • You just made me laugh of loud at my desk. Unhinged for sure!! No comparison what so ever!!!! It’s great you love your neighborhood. But it’s all about location. Plus this house is 2 blocks from the metro, 1 block from Trader Joe’s, Matchbox, Masa 14 – do I need to go on?

  • Looks like the block is achin’ for its first pop-up! Is this in the historic district? If not, look out….

  • I think it does appear to have an addition. The back yard is not as large as it should be and you can see the neighboring house does not sit as far back in that photo with the deck. So I would not assume the square footage is what you may think it is. That said, I’m fairly certain you cannot count basement space, often even if it is finished, unless it fits certain requirements. I can’t imagine the basement in this house does. I’d say this could easily be 1872 square feet.

    Keep in mind you also get outdoor yard space. I have seen two bedrooms sell for $800K in condo buildings around there that feel more like a condo (especially with the fees) and less like a house. It would not surprise me if they get asking for this. Or close to it. I would like to see the bathrooms though.

  • Looks like the Redfin details on this property is showing that a contract is pending.

  • Basement is unfinished and used just for storage. It is not included in 1872 sf. House has addition. Deck is about 10 by 13 and car hood goes under the deck. Agree on kitchen floor. That was next to be replaced. Home was listed in fall and then we took it off. Has been listed for less than a week and under contract.

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