Good Deal or Not? “Fabulous Fireplace, Pocket doors” edition

DC8310873 - Exterior (Front)

This house is located at 1830 North Capitol Street, NW. The listing says:

“This Victorian home has so many original touches. Features, Fabulous Fireplace, Pocket doors, Stainless Steel Appliances, Large Bedrooms, Balcony off Bedroom, Fully Fenced backyard. Fully Finished Basement with separate entrances front/rear. Near everything, shopping, restaurants, etc, yet peaceful, private and quiet inside. TAGGED ITEMS do NOT Convey!”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/2.5 bath is going for $649,900.

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  • listing should have mentioned “must love sounds of ambulances and emergency vehicles, as well as drivers gunning their engines as they head up North Capitol.” I’m a block off North Capitol and can’t imagine living right on it.

    • Oh, boo hoo. “My city’s TOO noisy!” Go back to Herndon. Or Moscow, comrade.

      • Yeah, because all streets are equally noisy. In fact, plenty of condos in Herndon above busy, noisy streets.

      • Ack! Moscow is too noisy with the parades and tanks and Vladimir P pounding his chest – who can sleep?!?

      • I didn’t say my city’s too noisy. I said North Capitol, at that location, is extremely noisy. I’ve never been to Herndon, or Moscow for that matter. Are they quiet? If you enjoy the shrieking sound of ambulance sirens and every douche bag with a loud motorcycle gunning his engine as he gets to that part of North Capitol, I have the perfect home for you.

      • Can’t we put the false binary of “Deal with [fill-in-the-blank circumstance] or go back to Herndon/Reston” to bed??
        Having lived on both a major street in D.C. and a side street (close to a major street) in D.C., I’d agree that there’s a difference in noise between the two. I might have phrased it differently than anon, but I don’t think he/she deserves the dismissive “Go back to Herndon.”

        • Oops, that was me above.

        • Besides, it assumes that the person who dislikes city noise would prefer to trade that in for four hours of sitting in gridlocked traffic everyday. I think there are aspects of city life that we wish were different, but it’s still better than the alternatives.

      • Are you guys not aware of legendary DC-area blog commentor Monkeyrotica? I’d advise you not to take anything he says TOO seriously, unless it’s news about one of Spike’s Mendelsohn’s new restaurants.

    • It’s not bad if you grew up living in the city (I was raised on a busy street in another city). Traffic noise is like crickets to a country boy! I know I’m in the minority, but it doesn’t bother me at all.

    • brookland_rez

      Having lived on N. Cap at R St, there is a lot of traffic noise. I learned to live with it, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.
      Anybody know what the story is with those 4-5 rowhouses all bricked up on that side of N. Cap?

      • They are actually (derelict) apartment buildings that are currently in the process of a major reno. No clue as to an estimated timeline for completion.

    • It also depends on the quality of the house. Obviously when windows are open all bets are off, but I grew up in a house of a similar vintage and style on a very loud street (hospital across the street, semi trucks air braking , etc.), and if the windows are closed you can barely hear anything. The neighbors next door in their brand new (90s) construction, they needed ear plugs.

  • I can’t get past all of the “stuff” to even tell what it looks like.

  • msmaryedith

    Is any bedroom complete without TWO (facing) televisions? I think not.

  • justinbc

    Seems to have some character, but I echo the sentiment that most of it is too buried to see from the photos. Would definitely have to see this one up close to judge the price more fairly.

  • Oh wow. It’s like an episode of “Hoarders”!

    I wouldn’t live on North Capitol even if the house were priced significantly lower. But others might not care so much given how in-demand Bloomingdale is these days.

  • Deal. Houses smaller than this go for more in Bloomingdale, though it looks like maybe they are counting the basement in the square feet, right? But it looks like it’s actually in pretty good shape overall. Strange, though, that they didn’t tidy up a bit more before they took photos to sell the joint. Even stranger that it seems like much of the stuff will convey…that would not be a selling point for me at least.

    Given the demand for single family homes and this neighborhood in general, I’ll be interested to see how quickly it goes.

  • Whoa, sold for $350K in 2008. That’s some serious profit if no renovations……. If that sells anyway. There seem to be a lot of similar places near North Cap that sit on the market. Too expensive for investors, and buyers usually don’t want to deal with those problems.

    • Damn, these folks timed the hell out the market! 2008 was when real estate was cratering. I wonder if they bought all cash? Financing was really tough to get.

  • There have been discussions of capping the section of the N Capital underpass that faces this property and turning it (as well as other areas of overpass) into pocket-park space. Just a data-point, this seems like a good deal either way.

    • brookland_rez

      That would be an excellent idea. It would bring a sense of unity back to the neighborhood and hide an eyesore.

  • Some of the rooms remind me of Dr. Lecter’s storage unit.

  • it’s a classic federal style house. NOT victorian

  • We saw this house this weekend. It’s definitely spacious, but insanely cluttered and doesn’t seem that it has been incredibly well cared for over the years. Would be scared to find out what’s behind all of the stuff everywhere. Definitely a house for someone looking to put some good love and money into it. The basement on the bottom floor is also in need of a very thorough renovation. I think it’s a good deal at 650, but if it sells for way over asking, I doubt it.

  • I think you’ve got some choices in the vague house quality range between developer gut-job and nice condition semi-modern. Lots of stuff right near North Capitol to choose from, I don’t think this is going to blow off anyone’s doors. All of it sits on the market for a while too. I can’t envision this as a “hot” listing.

    10 N St NW, 2330 1st St NW, 124 Bates St NW, 36 Rhode Island NW, 20 Q St NW, 49 R St NW, of that ilk.

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