Good Deal or Not? “9+ ft. ceiling” edition (reader request)


This condo is located at 1617 Swann Street, NW. The listing says:

“Beautiful condo in completely renovated (2009) Victorian brick & brownstone building with 9+ ft. ceiling features a fabulous kitchen open to living area, high-end appliances, Elfa system in closet, washer & dryer, HDMI TV wiring for media and parking. Pet-friendly building within a short walk to Metro, 14th st, U st & Dupont Circle.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $874,900 ($413 monthly fee.)

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  • The location is excellent and the parking space alone is probably worth $50K. That said, the apartment itself is pretty unimpressive….kitchen/dining room/living room is very bland, bedrooms are generic, bathrooms are a trend or two out of date, and it’s on a lower floor. Even at $825K (list price less $50K for parking) this would be close to $800/sqft. Doesn’t seem like a very good deal.

  • Parking spot is nice, but a tad too high on the $/sq ft ($800 >). Has it really gone up that much?

  • i would like to say it’s well priced so i could sell my place for more but seems a bit high. what amenities does the building offer? front desk, gym, roof deck, anything? it is a beautiful space and should have wide appeal but you can have a house for that price. also – no walk in closet?

  • Yeah, everything about this place (except location) screams “meh.”

  • The bathrooms are a mishmash of modern and natural but not terrible (though I don’t see the purpose of a glass enclosed tub, just more of a hassle to clean). The kitchen though is cold and impersonal amongst all the brick, and that island/table looks like something out of a high school science class.

  • Gotta agree with others. From the outside the building looks like it would have a lot of character, but the inside photos show a fairly bland interior. Sure it’s nice enough in a generic urban professional way, but it lacks the character than an old building like this should have. To be honest, I don’t know whether the price is right or not, but I was disappointed in the space.

  • If this place sells for this, I’m listing my condo immediately. I think it’s a bit high for DC.

    Also, that one bathroom is a bit dated…those sinks are terrible.

  • Love the property. Who wouldn’t. I walk my dog a nearby and always eye this property and the one next door. I went to the open house when the building came on the market a couple years ago. I thought it was awesome. The location is great (and near my own, so maybe i’m biased) and it was a better use of space than comparable properties I’ve seen. The living space was open and very functional, and the brick was cool. Recently another unit in the building sold for a similar amount. they were pretty similar. That one had a large master bathroom but didn’t have a full parking spot.

  • I guess I’m the only one that likes it. Of course, I’m too poor to buy it.

  • I’d like to buy it just to rip out all the tiling – the backsplash and bathroom – right out of every HGV reno show for the last 5+ years. The only missing is subway tile but if that’s there, I’d rip it out too.
    What would I want instead? Just about anything.

  • It doesn’t look like they’ve made the most of the kitchen area space. The second bedroom looks a little better than in a lot of these places, but it’s unclear how much square footage it contains. The LR doesn’t look very deep but that may be a function of the photography.

    • There’s a completely empty wall. I don’t get it. I think someone with zero taste just bought a bunch of expensive fancy looking stuff to flip this stuff.

  • Oy- Why did they re-point that brick with concrete? It looks terrible. It’s going to take about $5k and an infinite amount of dust to fix that brick wall.

    The kitchen is kind of weird. 1/2 of the cabinets are on legs and the other 1/2 are on plinth. Why?

    That’s a lot of money (plus condo fee!), but the location including parking is slick.

  • I would paint most of that brick off white and leave a little of the natural look for some character. Positively hate the reno, it is about 5+ years dated.

    • From the sales records it was renovated in 2009. Good call on the 5+ years for the dated kitchen/bath/tiles.

  • No apparent green space. No balcony. Generic everything. Ridiculous price. Recipe for slow death.

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