Good Deal or Not? “charming detached house” edition

3264 S Street Northwest

This house is located at 3264 S Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“This charming detached house in the East Village offers 2-level living, large south lot level w/ house. Gardens, pool, garden views from new gourmet kitchen, dining room and library. 7 brs, including 2-room suite on entry w/ full ba. 5 bra, 3 bas up, large master with deck & sitting room. Storage. PARKING.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 7 bed/4 full bath/2 half bath is going for $3,200,000.

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  • Meh. Love the backyard and that’s about it. Terrible layout in the kitchen. I know they’re taking their furniture with them but why do they have the master bed blocking what looks to be a closet? Gives the idea that there is a terrible layout to the room but I can’t tell from the photos.

  • not charming enough for that price imo
    plus all of the rooms look the same to me
    location is cool and there seems to be a nice outdoor space

    im just not a fan of the design at all

  • Who knows what a huge house goes for in gtown, but that’s a whole lotta money, you think they’d try to spruce it up a bit for the listing. Cool sun room though!

  • Nothing screams $3.2M like a Next Day Blinds on the corner 🙂

  • East Village? That’s a new one. “Where’s the East Village?” “Northwest of the west end.”

    • I knew the minute I wrote “East Village” that an uninformed reader would chime in. It’s hardly a “new one”. It’s been in use for almost a century.

      • In use, perhaps, but not as widely as you seem to imagine. I’ve been living in the District for 12 years and this is the first time I’ve heard it.

        • You clearly haven’t lived in Georgetown,it’s common parlance.

          • News flash: Most people who live in D.C. don’t live in Georgetown. Common parlance within a given neighborhood may not necessarily be common parlance outside of it.

  • Not a single pic of any bathroom(s)? Or was that the pond outside?

    • That pond is the pool apparently, per the write-up. Egad.

      There’s a pool and pond, the pond would be good for you 🙂

  • That’s an atrocious location for a $3.2M house in Georgetown. That particular section of S Street NW gets loads of thru traffic from drivers accessing the East Village. Any charm is completely decimated by the house sitting on what is fundamentally a busy street. At $3.2M I would pursue something deeper into the East Village or even over in Kalorama.

  • “East Village”? :eyeroll:

    • East Village and West Village are historically accurate descriptors for those areas. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • It’s a bit too “$10 teapot” for my “$3 latte” tastes.

  • for a $3 million dollar house that needs a lot of work it should either be 1) in an AMAZING location 2) humongous 3) have the kind of curb appeal that makes you stop and stare.

    nope. nope. nope. next.

  • Wow, these pictures make the house’s exterior look amazing compared to the shabby state it is in on google street view.

  • Way overpriced. That roof looks really old and will probably need to be replaced in the next few years.

  • What’s East Village??? First for me.

    • In Georgetown it’s common to refer to the two halves east and west of Wisconsin as “East Village” and “West Village.”

      • I guess that’s great if someone who already lives in Georgetown wants to move into a more expensive, less appealing location.

  • the house a few houses down used to be liz taylor’s residence when she was married to that senator.
    so.. there’s quite a bit of history there….

  • $3.2M tear down!

  • just googled it. liz taylor’s residence was at 3240 S St. NW. makes the street a bit more interesting.

    • There might be history at that particular house, nothing here though. If we start extrapolating history based on who lived on what street’s then you could say almost everywhere in DC has had someone “famous” live there.

  • To AG, Wisconsin Avenue is Georgetown’s mythical dividing line. If you live on the side where Georgetown University is, you are in the West. If you are on the other side, you are in the East . The East is considered the quieter side of the two and supposedly more desirable because you’re away from the GU students. I personally think the west side is more lively.

    • This is spot on. There are positives and negatives associated with each. The East Village has some of the most impressive estates in the District (Tudor Place, Evermay, Bowie-Sevier House). But the West Village has some of the most historically significant buildings in the District (Chapel of the Carpenter, Car Barn, the University itself…).

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