Good Deal or Not? “addition includes a family rm w/ a gas fireplace & a wall of windows” edition

1509 Irving Street Northeast

This house is located at 1509 Irving Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“This home has been expanded & renovated w/ original details & upgrades. The addition includes a family rm w/ a gas fireplace & a wall of windows leading to the landscaped back yard! The master suite has vaulted ceilings & a walk-in closet. Enjoy this location blocks from metro & the Monroe Street Market!”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/2 bath is going for $699,900.

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  • Could this place be any more adorable?

  • I want it!

  • albany

    I agree that it’s really nice looking inside and out – but at the price F THAT.

  • Wow love, love, love this place. There has to be several offers already right?

  • djdc

    I love this house.

  • Looks nice. I especially like the Frank Lloyd Wright-ish light fixtures and the stained-glass touches. (I think there was one stained-glass window and one stained-glass hanging thing in a regular window.)
    Is that a playhouse in the back, or a shed? (Or could it function as either?) When I was a kid, I would have LOVED a playhouse like that.
    What are the schools like in this area? (Looks like the current occupants have a kid… perhaps they’re moving elsewhere for better schools?) I’m wondering if this is a case of “perfect house for a family… except with bad in-boundary schools.”

    • According to the about-to-be-revised school zone map, this house has rights to Noyes and Burroughs. Noyes was a hot ticket until it was discovered that its amazing test score gains were a result of cheating.

      Note, though, that roughly half of school kids in DC attend charters, which don’t have boundaries. Ward 5 is home to a great many; the ones closest to this house aren’t famous among middle-class parents, but it’s not too terribly far from Yu Ying, Inspired Teaching and Stokes. It’s also very convenient to St. Anthony’s school, which some consider high-quality and which is cheap in comparison to private schools.

      We’re a charter family, and our kids are set through high school. So when we look for a house we may consider school assignment as part of its resale value, but overall we’ll just be looking for convienence (and the house itself, of course).

      • Well said, AND….

        Brookland is changing so fast that as a medium term resident I really barely recognize the place I moved to just 6 years ago. The schools are only going to be as good as the parents demand they be, and with all of the new families moving into the neighborhood at a break-neck speed and price point, it’ll be up to those of us who want good neighborhood schools to demand good neighborhood schools. We’re all in this together ya’ll. And not everyone’s kids are going to Yu Ying or Two Rivers. In three years the demand is going to be too high, if it’s not already. We can’t just wait for someone else to improve these schools. We have to be active and engaged parents and make the change we want to see.

        • I’m right there with you. Is there currently an organized group for this? It seems like the time is ripe – especially with a new middle school under construction.

  • brookland_rez

    That has to be one of the nicest examples of a craftsman bungalow in Brookland.

  • Love, love, love. However, a house with similar stats and tons of charm just went under contract for 710, and it’s .2 or .3 miles from Metro (1018 Kearney). Since this is much further from the Metro I think 700 seems a bit high. You never know, though.

    • brookland_rez

      We will have to see. The Brookland market is rapidly appreciating. It seems like each time a house type sells, it goes at a new high.

      • Yup- hence the “you never know.” It certainly wouldn’t be stupid to pay $700k for this – it’s a lot of house for your money; most families will never need more space than this. And Brookland is only going to get better over the next few years.

      • tt

        Is it me, or are Bland’s realtors trying to juice this market? Why is it that the last three houses that have gone under contract immediately changed their list price to what is presumably the pending contract price (see 1607 Otis, 1018 Kearny et al)? As far as I’ve seen, most other properties don’t do this until the actual settlement/sales date.

  • Seems closer to RI Ave as far as Metro.

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