Good Deal or Not? “300-year old pine floors” edition

DC8332066 - Exterior (Front)

This house is located at 2203 Wyoming Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“INCREDIBLE PRICE! No expense spared in a meticulous restoration & renovation. DIPLOMATIC OVERLAY. Brand new heating system, imported French Kitchen, plaster moldings restored, new water & boiler piping, modern electrical wiring, 300-year old pine floors. Custom swimming pool & grounds, backyard slate entertaining station w/ Viking grill, wine rack. 2-car garage.”

You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/4.5 bath is going for $4,500,000.

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  • Well, I suppose if you start counting from the day the pine seeds took root…

    • Yeah, that confused me too. Are they saying they salvaged 300 year old pine and used it repair the floors?

  • The curtains, rugs, and upholstery would lead me to believe the owners are over 60 years old. If the new owner hired an interior decorator to make the place feel more modern it would be stunning! Even so, the house is beautiful and I will never have the money to afford it.

    • I totally agree, although I think I’d have to gut the master bath – way too French Provincial for the house IMO – and reface all the kitchen cabinets. When was that shade of blue ever in style?

  • The décor is not my taste, but the house itself is drool-worthy! Is that a car lazy-susan in the garage??

  • Yeahhhh this is gorgeous. Good deal? idk does anyone who can spend this kind of money care what kind of “deal” they are getting. I”d love to live in a place like this, but seeing as so and I barely cleared $90k combined this year, its not in our future.

  • Interesting kitchen layout. Not sure how functional it is. Love the front porch and outdoor space.

  • I think most of us mere mortals read “INCREDIBLE PRICE!” a little differently than the listing agent meant it. 😉

  • Two strikes about the listing:
    1) Puke-worthy decor
    2) Failure to include a “bidet” tag

  • And until about two weeks ago it was red on the outside instead of yellow.

  • Yikes. Beautiful house, with some questionable decor choices (ugh – love the size, hate the style of that bathroom), and the kitchen seems really inadequate for the size of the house, but that is a crazy high price! Love the pool and backyard, and great location, but $4.5million? In DC? Nah…

  • As someone with 100+ year old heart of pine floors, I shudder now at listings promoting them. Pine is way too soft to be durable flooring, as I discover daily when a new board in my rowhouse cracks or breaks or bows.

    • You should check to see how those boards are attached to your joists. They shouldn’t be cracking on a daily basis. It sounds like you may have some strutucal issue you need to address.

      • What kind of structural issue could it be? We have 100+ year old pine also, and they are also really creaky and crack often. They are just nailed directly into the joists. We have nailed squeaky parts down for temporary relief but within 8 months or so they start to squeak again.

    • not true. pine used in lumber today is not good for floors. pine from 100 years ago is.
      if you don’t understand why, then keep cringing at the listings, but you’re not really informed.

  • this home has been on and off the market for a loooooooong time. the simple Americana exterior doesn’t go with ornate interior…..especially in such a posh neighborhood. curb appeal is essential.

  • 4.5 for bars on your windows…no thanks!

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