Good Deal or Not? “10 fruit bearing trees, 3 rain barrels and grape arbor” edition

DC8304533 - Exterior (Front)

This house is located at 2504 Lafayette Avenue, Northeast. The listing says:

“Beautifully cared for and well maintained home, renovated in 2004. New roof in 2013 and new kitchen in 2014. Wood floors throughout main and upper floors, 4th bedroom in basement with a separate kitchen for guests. Fully landscaped lot with 10 fruit bearing trees, 3 rain barrels and grape arbor. Detached 9×16 garage with concrete floor for extra storage. Indoor storage room with cabinets.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/2.5 bath is going for $440,000.

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  • This is the first listing in a long time that makes me think it’s possible to find a nice, affordable place within 20 miles of DC. But I don’t know this neighborhood, except for the stretch along NY Ave nearby. Looks hard to get to and from without driving….

    • Back in the mid-2000s, that area was really sketchy. You could say that about a lot of places, though. Not sure how it’s changed.

      • Yeah it can be an intense neighborhood for sure. I’d recommend driving by around 3am on a warm Saturday when the clubs down the road are getting out. But it’s not a bad looking house and I like that area anyway but it’s not for everyone.

      • I don’t live there, but I do walk my dog nearby. It’s not especially sketchy, but some areas very close by are (the Brookland Manor apartments and Ivy City). It’s also pretty car-dependent and there’s not much in the way of amenities. But there aren’t many places in DC where you can get a move-in ready detached SFH for under $500k anymore. I think Langdon has some serious potential once RI Ave (including planned streetcar) and the area around the metro are redeveloped. But who knows when that will happen… we may all be dead by then.

  • Where are the fruit trees and grape arbor in the photos?

    • +1 If you’re going to advertise features like that, I want photos! Otherwise I will assume you have fruit-themed wallpaper.

  • brookland_rez

    It’s still pretty iffy IMHO. I go through there all the time on my bike and the little kids hanging out on the steps of some of the houses always motion for me to do wheelies LOL.
    It’s very industrial. There’s a lot of seedy warehouses. Also Stadium Club is a couple of blocks away and attracts a bad element.
    Really, it’s kind of a no mans land down there. Until greater NY Ave cleans up, I don’t see this area changing. If the pace of development in DC keeps up, maybe in 10 years that might be a nice area.
    Oh, and there’s no metro ANYWHERE nearby. IMO I would pay a little more for a similar house in Woodridge on the north side of RIA, or even Langdon near the park.

  • Great house and deal

  • To address the fruit trees question which is valid, I just added to the MLS 2 fruit photos, This was a bit colder and longer Winter than years past which has delayed the budding of all the fruit trees. Most everything is starting to break out into blossom this week with the warmer sunnier weather. I have walked to the metro in past prior to having a car which is about 20 min walk to RI Ave. Although having the off street parking / driveway along the side of the house has been a super convenience as compared to chasing down a spot on the street. All neighborhoods are what they are and its up to each to determine what works for them in the end.

  • I’m not in the market to buy right now, but I’d say this is a great deal. I’m a big fan of buying in “iffy” neighborhoods – did it twice by H Street corridor in 20005 and that paid off. Now I own on the “wrong” side of Rock Creek Park near Georgia Ave. Both times I enjoyed way more house than I would of gotten in popular neighborhoods. This house would be like $550k in Petworth and more in other areas.

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