From the Forum – Nighttime grass cutting and Kitchen Cabinet Painter?

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Nighttime grass cutting:

“Now that spring has sprung I have to deal with my absentee neighbor’s late night grass cutting. He has a handyman who shows up between 8pm and 11pm to cut his grass. He really does cut the grass in the dark. It is a disturbance late in the evening when windows are open or you want to relax on your porch. I’ve tried to talk to the handyman but he is always intoxicated and the absentee owner could care less. Can’t find anything online about hours of grass cutting. I would appreciate any feedback. Also the intoxicated grass cutter is here every week…sometimes twice.”

Kitchen Cabinet Painter?

“Is there anywhere I can drop off some kitchen cabinets (12 cabinet doors) with the paint I want and have them paint it for me? I’ve already prepped them (sanded and primed) and just need someone to put two coats of the desired color on it. I actually did my bottom kitchen cabinets but I can’t find the time to finish off the upper cabinets.”

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  • For the nighttime grass-cutting: Easy. There is a DC ordinance that makes it “unlawful for a person to make an unreasonably loud noise between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am that is likely to annoy or disturb one or more persons in their residences.” I believe this comes from the “Disorderly Conduct Amendment Act of 2010” and can be found in the 2011 Summer Supplement for the District of Columbia’s Official Code. Good luck.

    • Re-read the post – he shows up as early as 8pm, so this ordinance may not help.

      • Yeah, which means his complaint about 8 pm may be tough cookies for him. At least, you’re covered starting at 10 pm. I’m glad DC made the 10 pm noise rule a few years ago, but I’m not sure there is anything you can do about 8 pm if you’re dealing with uncooperative people. If there is, let me know, would you?

  • ah

    On noise, call the police. A drunk guy using a lawnmower doesn’t sound legal ever.

    As for the rules, yard equipment is exempt from noise limits during the daytime on weekdays and 9a-9p on S/S/holidays. 20 DCMR 2704.6. For whatever reason, leaf blowers have separate rules – 8a-8:30p.

  • Painting Cabinets – use taskrabbit. Excellent for those sorts of jobs.

  • Salt the earth so nothing grows.

  • How is the guy getting the lawnmower there? Is he from the neighborhood or does he drive it over? If he’s drunk and driving there that’s a problem and you should call the police.

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