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  • This is basically my backyard. I cannot wait! Just what we needed here in Park View. Between mothership, bravo bar, and this, we are becoming the perfect little neighborhood.

  • Agreed about Bravo bar, that place is great and inexpensive. Have been hoping for a place to get a good sandwich in the neighborhood, hopefully this will do the trick. The building next door on Georgia has been leased by the guy who owns the seven eleven up at Shepherd, he says he is doing coffee and convenience, hopefully the convenience part will be a little more desirable than seven eleven offering.

    • ahh yeah, i was hoping for a comfy little coffee shop (i’m on the 600 block of kenyon so hey neighbor). but “convenience” in the way of packaged sandwiches isn’t always bad, just hopefully is more pret a manger than 7/11.

      • Comfy coffee shop in the neighborhood– Harrar! Although I guess from Kenyon it might be a stretch for just a morning cup. But I live for Harrar coffee!

        • Its not much farther than bravo bar, so I’ll check it out on a weekend some time! Thanks!

        • Harar is too damn small… The place gets packed with just 7 people, and they all block the workflow when trying to order coffee. I like the spot, but their pastries also need a lot of work. They seem to buy them at Costco.

          So, apparently selling Tibetan Goods isn’t a winning money-making strategy eh? The shop in Adam’s Morgan is always empty whenever I go to buy incense.

          Hopefully the new retail spots in the larger buildings on GA ave will attract a starbucks some time soon to make everyone step their game up. Qualia runs out of cookies every time I want to go there, and the iced coffee tastes like mud.

          • Sure, Harrar is small and the pastries are lame, but the coffee is terrific, the staff is really friendly, and it’s really cozy. I’d much rather have them than a Starbucks. I don’t go to Qualia because they were mean to me once too many times.

          • aree with jcm about the neighborhood style coffee over a starbucks. how boring! if i wanted starbucks i’d move to arlington.

          • A tibetan shop would do better in Tenley Town or Charlottesville, VA. the number of worldly hippies with money around here is slim.

          • A Starbucks in the neighborhood, whether you go to it or not, would probably help to attract other restaurants/coffee shops/interesting retail/etc. The presence of a Starbucks sort of signifies that a neighborhood has “arrived.”

    • The building next door to Bravo, or to “Heat Da Spot” (ugh, I don’t like that name either)?

  • That’s excellent news. The area is in need of a decent sandwich place. The carryout by the post office looks filthy, and every time I’ve been to Eddie Leonard in the last year the employees were busy buying stolen cell phones.

  • Not really into the name (I guess it’s supposed to be punning on “hit the spot”?), but a coffee shop coming to this area is definitely a good thing.
    I’m just hoping that the “convenience” part of it will be nice packaged sandwiches, etc., rather than the usual mini-mart offerings of junk food and lottery tickets.

  • Palden has the tibet shop in adams morgan. This location didn’t fly, but i;m sure he can hit it with this coffeeplace. hope he offers Tibetan Butter Tea!!

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