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  • This is good.

    The space is good. It’s large, open and one of the most modern spaces on 18th.

    However the last three or four places that tried to set up shop here just kept using the same old tired interior.

    Is somone is willing to spend some money to set up a decent place here it will do great.

    – Mintwood
    – Cashions
    – Roofer Union
    – Mellow Mushroom

    • I’m suspect it wasn’t the interior that was the problem, but the offerings.
      I don’t think I’d been there since it was Leftbank… did it go directly from Leftbank to Slaviya? Wasn’t it Cities at one point? I know the place has been through a few different incarnations in the past 12 years or so, but I’m having trouble remembering what came when.

  • I would love to see clothing retail in here. Too small for a national brand?

  • Oh Pop, I love the URL for this, because that was my first thought when Douglas Development bought it?


    Ouch. i thought he only brought properties he could sit on for years while they crumble into dust.

  • Cities was just awesome. Wish it was still there–it was one of the only really unique places around.

    • Agreed – nothing has been as successful as Cities in that location. Damn shame, too.

    • The real shame was when the night club upstairs shut down. Back in the early 90’s, that club was HUGE, going all the way to the back of the building. Would love to see a real dance zone come back to A-M.

  • I am very excited about this space. It is one of the biggest and nicest street level spaces in the neighborhood, and has the potential to really change the feel and atmosphere on that block. Seeing what Douglas Development has done with Chinatown, my hopes are high!

  • I would be very surprised if some large national chain doesn’t set up shop in that space.

    • I would be if they do – Adams Morgan doesn’t seem to attract national chains for large spaces.

      • There’s not enough day-time foot traffic for a national chain. AM is pretty residential and the few offices in the area don’t have a large enough presence for the turnover a clothing store or retail outlet would require.

  • Norman Jemal says cleaning out to show to potential tenants. No lease yet.

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