Eataly Coming to 3rd and Mass Ave, NW in 2017!?!?!


Whoa huge news from Urban Turf:

“Eataly has signed a letter of intent for somewhere in the vicinity of 30,000 to 35,000 square feet of retail space at the massive Capitol Crossing project planned for above I-395 of Massachusetts Avenue NW…

Eataly wouldn’t arrive until 2017, at the earliest.”

Holy cow, thank God it’s not April 1st today! We’ve been tracking potential Eataly locations since 2011. For those not familiar with Eataly, you can read about it here. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

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  • Overall, this is good to hear, though Eataly is insanely expensive. They have a huge variety of dried pastas, some good salami and cheese, and fresh pasta, but they seem to be lacking in other areas of Italian foodstuffs (I recall the location in NYC only carrying one brand of canned tomatoes). Would be much happier with an A Litteri location somewhere NW, basically with what they carry now plus some more gourmet goods, but Eataly will still be an improvement to the DC food scene.

    • Welcome to DC 2014. Everything’s insanely expensive. Besides, I think this is much more of a tourist destination, like someplace you show off to your family when they come to visit, than a place where any normal person would shop regularly.

    • Considering how pricey and remarkably successful Union Market has been, this will fit right in.

      • Does anyone have numbers on the success of Union Market? It’s a hit on weekends, but weekdays are slooooow.

        • I was just there during the lunch hour this Tuesday and it was surprisingly busy. Lines at many places, but not at all. I think it depends on the place, but the market as a whole seems to be viable during the week.

  • Plz don’t start a countdown for this one now…

    • Disagree. I like the countdown posts so I have a place to share my excitement for a new project with others and discuss the details and impact of it.

  • That’s a great location, very accessible to tourists and close to lots of other stuff.

  • I’m going to miss all that sweet unlimited airspace above my car the 6-8 times a year I drive through or enter the I-395 tunnel

  • Yay! Although my longtime hope has been that Rafetto’s would inexplicably decide to relocate. Does anyone have a good source for meat/prosciutto tortellini? Or know if Eataly will be a good source for this?

  • Meh. I guess I don’t get what’s so great about the place. The two times I’ve been it’s been insanely crowded, though, so I guess a lot of others must “get it”.

  • I hope they include a rooftop Birreria.

  • Finally a place to eat in that neighborhood other than the CCNV shelter!

  • That’s awedome. So happy to hear!!!
    I hope it comes. That or Wagman’s

  • I’ll believe it when I see any kind of construction starting over 395. Plans for some kind cap over that section of road have been bouncing around for over 20 years.

  • Sorry from my POV that is an odd location, interesting maybe but not exactly a hood that expensive pasta types frequent now or in 2020. Eataly and they will come ? not

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