Dog Found in Petworth


A reader writes:

“This dog was found in Petworth today, 9th and Buchanan. Ray is the person who found the dog, his contact is tel:202-882-8482”

Another reader sends:

“We took her to get scanned and she is not chipped. Very friendly, good in car and at vet. Pale pink collar. No id. Please call 202-321-7573.”


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  • I think I saw her being scanned last night at Friendship. She is so adorable and seemed super friendly and happy. And she was loving being scanned! (Or probably just all of the attention that came with it.) I hope that you find her family quickly.

    • Yes, my husband and I brought her to Friendship, which used three different scanners, but unfortunately she did not have a chip. She spent the night with us and was a total sweetheart. She didn’t look twice at our cat and slept nicely in the dog bed. Please spread the word to help find her family. She was actually found closer to 9th and Farragut. Ray, the guy who initially found her, is walking her around today continuing to try to find her family.

  • That’s really nice of the people who found her to take the time to get her scanned. I hope the dog is reunited with her family soon!

  • Beautiful dog. Sounds like a sweet personality. Please keep us updated on progress via PoP. Brian

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