Demolition of NGA’s Building 213 Underway in Navy Yard

1st and M Street, SE

Thanks to @markwpeterson for tweeting us the photo above. JDLand has reported:

“Forest City Washington is making plans for temporary uses for that block while it works on longer-range plans to build office and retail space on the site.”

Temporary plans were reported as a temporary park and relocation of the Trapeze School.

And thanks to MB who emails us the photos below:

photo 1

photo 2

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  • i would give someone a lot of money to let me drive one of those machines so I could smash things.

  • Glad to see those hideous painted characters demolished.

    • Haha, I came here to say the same thing! I shouldn’t insult someone’s art, but boy were those murals an eyesore.

  • What is the NGA? National Gallery of Art?

  • Last I heard, at least a section of this parcel would once again be a parking lot for the short term, once demolition is complete. It’s annoying how everybody’s clamoring for taller buildings and more density downtown, when there are all of these large lots sitting vacant, in an area that is pretty conveniently located and a logical place for a new business district.

    • dude

      there are I think 5 apt buildings all UC right now in the Navy Yard area, plus one hotel, and a few more buildings set to break ground soon. This won’t be a parking lot for long. In the time it takes DC to actually pass a major change (OP has to write it, it has to have public input, be revised, go through various commisions, and then be approved by the Council) Navy Yard area will be close to built out.

      • I just think it could’ve happened sooner. There hasn’t been any movement on the huge hole in the ground at Half and N in years, and as much as I love the Fairgrounds/Bullpen, that parcel is ripe for development, too. And then there are the big parking lots just north and east of the ballpark that aren’t going to be developed for at least a year. They really need to get things going, especially if DC’s going to host an MLB All-Star Game in 2017. That would be a huge event for the city, and it’s not going to happen if the ballpark is surrounded by vacant lots, holes in the ground, and sand plants.

    • it would be nice to have the bullpen here, if and when they actually get around to devloping half street. Also, why are they trying to devlop half street? I feel like if it was just a row of bars it would be a destination point (even if it wasnt baseball season). I suppose there could be apartments and condos also but maily focused on serving fans and the community, not a massive building that will never ever change (in our life times)

  • “Forest City Washington is making plans for temporary uses for that block” – I recall similar statements being made for the space that is now the Fairgrounds. I suppose “temporary” is in the eye of the beholder.

    I haven’t heard updates on the construction across the street from the Fairgrounds, but there’s a big machine there and it looks like some concrete has been poured. Does anyone know what’s going on with that?

    • There is a hotel under construction on 1St St with three more bldgs about to break ground adjacent to that site on same street.

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