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“Dear PoPville,

Looking for recommendations for resume/cover letter services, especially those with experience in the application process for federal government attorneys.”

Ed. Note: I think some recs were given on a rant/revel – anyone remember those?

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  • I was the person who asked in the rant/rave post. I was asking specifically regarding international development work, where Devex is the #1. The other suggestion I was given was a service through LinkedIn.
    I am still on the job hunt, so I’ll be watching the replies here.

  • As someone who is looking for jobs in DC, this is something I’m interested in as well. Sadly, it looks like DC doesn’t have a lot of analytics jobs.

    • DC has a ton of analytics jobs if you look in the right place. For example, Microstrategy is headquartered here.

  • I just had mine done!! I went to J & N Consulting. Here is the link for you to peruse:

    Keri was an absolute delight!! I sent her the resume that I had written and in two-two hour sessions, she had it looking the way that I envisioned it to be. She is very detailed and in going over your resume with you, she makes you understand why something needs to be changed or re-worked offering tips on how to market it for the various jobs you are applying for. She also only goes as far as you are willing and comfortable with. The prices are reasonable for the area, I would highly suggest checking them out!

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