Dear PoPville – A Long Shot but anyone witness a Bike accident Saturday morning 4:30am Florida and P st NE?

“Dear PoPville,

Looking for some help to see if any witnesses were around at 4:30am at Florida and P st NE, the morning of March 29th. My brother was struck on his bike in the crosswalk of P st by a red light running driver and was hurt pretty bad. He has already had surgery to put a rod in his leg and may have a broken wrist too. We are looking into getting some camera footage from the XM building. Apparently the driver was not ticketed and they aren’t even calling it an accident just an incident. My brother was heading home from his bartending job and is now in a pretty bad spot with no health insurance, and he can’t work to support himself. Not really wanting to start the standard cars vs bikes flame war just trying to see if anyone was around at that time – its a long shot I know, but figured I would try.”

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  • ” Apparently the driver was not ticketed and they aren’t even calling it an accident just an incident.”

    Can you expand on this? Sounds like an accident with injuries. Did the driver stay on scene?

    Remember the police in accidents don’t place blame necessarily as that is for the insurance companies to figure out. If your brother does not have insurance, has someone spoken to a lawyer?

    • Sorry to bug, but did you read the goddamn post? He clearly states his brother was seriously injured (surgery, etc) and that he has no insurance. Why waste your own time, and ours, if you have less than nothing to add to the conversation?
      More importantly: hope OP’s brother recovers quickly and driver faces charges.

      • Maybe yes, maybe no. I suppose it all hinges on the use of “goddamn”? The rest of it is pretty straightforward.
        But yes, it got my goat that the commenter chimed in with questions that directly evidenced s/he hadn’t read the post that s/he was ostensibly replying to.

      • Geez, dude. Lighten up. The poster was just asking if the driver stayed on the scene, which was not in the original post.

        • Sorry, man, I’m having a really bad day.

          • gotryit

            Apologizing on the internet? That may be both a first and a violation of some internet principle somewhere.
            But seriously – I hope that whatever it is that’s sucking for you today gets better.

          • ^ This was awesome. As I (alpinepaq) come back on to apologize (I hastily misread the first reply while criticizing hasty misreading…brilliant), I see that someone has apologized on my behalf, using my screen name. That’s like, positive trolling or something?!
            In any case, yes, I’m the bad guy on this one and I apologize. And yes…bad day. Awaiting a job interview result that I fear isn’t coming out roses. Has me on edge, and, well, you saw it.
            Most importantly: hope OP’s brother is recovering swiftly. I’m an everyday biker and this type of news turns the stomach and riles the heart.

      • The poster also suggested talking to a lawyer, which added quite a bit to the conversation (especially since the conversation hadn’t yet started when posted!). I’d say that alpinepaq’s outburst is the one that isn’t contributing anything to this conversation.

  • Sorry about your brother and I hope he recovers quickly.

    For what it’s worth, it looks like there may also be a camera facing west on the building at the southeast corner of the intersection between P and Florida. According to Google Maps, it’s the DC Dept of Employee Services. It may not have a view of the intersection, though.

  • I imagine you’ve thought of this already, so it may not be helpful, but have you checked with the gas station on that corner? I would think that they have cameras on their pumps and the video might also show the intersection. Hope your brother heals quickly.

  • The driver ran the red light and struck my brother in the crosswalk – both traffic violations that she was not ticketed for. The driver did stay on scene. We are looking for lawyers any recommendations please post in the comments.

    • gotryit

      WABA has recommendations for lawyers.

    • I am sorry to hear about your brother’s accident and injuries. I hope he heals quickly. I am also glad that he is alive.

      I am perplexed as to why the driver wasn’t ticketed by DCPD, unless they are looking for video evidence to avoid making a judgment on a “he said, she said” situation. If evidence does eventually arise that supports that the driver ran a red light, she should be ticketed. A police report stating that the driver was at fault would help bolster your brother’s burden of proof in a civil case. A civil suit is unlikely to progress to a trial in these situations, but, a police report and/or video evidence could help your brother to reach a pre-trial settlement with the driver’s insurance company.

      Regardless, if the facts are as your brother has stated (running a red light), then the driver was negligent and she would be liable for his medical bills, lost wages arising out of his injuries, and, possibly, compensation for his pain and suffering. Any damages will be paid by her insurance company, assuming that she has one.Your brother is going to have to wait to get a complete and full diagnosis of the extent of his injuries, his recovery period, possible long-term or permanent injury and/or disability, before knowing the full extent of his damages. His attorney will need to have that info before making a move, but, it certainly is a good idea to think about retaining an attorney before the medical stuff is all settled.

      You definitely want to obtain a copy of the police report on the incident, too.

      I would contact the DC Bar Association ( and see if they can recommend a personal injury attorney or practice.

    • Chris –

      Please stay on the police. They can and should cite the driver if possible for the red-light and colliding with a pedestrian/bike ( ($500).

      Make sure you get a copy of the report as stated earlier too.

  • Lawyer recommendation… John Mesirow. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. Feel free to reach out privately if you want more info from me.

    • I second the John Mesirow recommendation. When I was hit by a car 4 years ago (on 15th St pre-bike lane) he was fantastic. The driver’s insurance – it was a hit and run, but a witness got the guy’s license plate number – eventually paid all my medical bills, lost-work time, etc. I will say, though, that it took nearly 3 years to settle everything, but John did a really incredible job.

  • I’m sorry to hear about your brother. I hope he heals fully and quickly. I recommend Bruce Deming. ( He specializes in bike accident cases, supports WABA, and is a cyclist himself.

    When I was hit by a car (who also ran a red light) Bruce spent close to half an hour on the phone with me, helping me figure out a strategy for dealing with the driver’s insurance company, even though he knew that my claim was minor enough (thankfully) that I would never actually hire him as my lawyer. I think that says a lot.

    Best wishes!

  • sucks man, i wasin a similar situation two weeks ago
    was in a hit & run accident on mass ave on my motorcycle
    shattered elbow & broken wrist. had surgery about a week ago
    fortunately i have both med and moto ins

    your best bet is to get the police to get a hold of those tapes
    from my understanding you MUST!!!!!!!!!!!! stay on the police about it though
    since you thnk private cameras are the best bet it wil take mioe time than usual. or see if there are ddot cams a block or two up in the direction that the perp went in

    but in dealing with a similar situation seems like the tapes are the best thing in your corner.
    even if a tape up the street does not prove the running of the red light uit was a hit and run so you need the info either way because fleeing is a crime

    best of luck!

  • according to there’s a red light camera at NY and Florida NE in the westbound lanes. I don’t know exactly how they work but thought I’d mention it in case it’s got something useful to your brother.

  • I have a fantastic lawyer. About five years ago I was doored while riding my bike on P Street in Dupont and sustained serious injuries. The accident happened in the middle of the day so there were many witnesses. The driver was cited for opening his door into traffic, and I went through two surgeries and a year-long recovery. My attorney negotiated an EXTREMELY generous settlement from the driver’s insurance co. His name is Michael Morgenstern. If you google him he’s usually at or near the top of the results. Whatever lawyer you call, do it asap.

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