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  • That sounds awesome. Add koshari next!

  • inexpensive dining options around @ 14th and U? Yes please!

    • justinbc

      Well nobody’s mentioned the sizes of the dishes yet. Hopefully it’s not another one of those where “we recommend you each get 3 to 4 small plates to share” is the MOTD. I do love the variety in the menu, here’s to hoping they can pull it off.

      • The plates are bigger than small plates, but smaller than regular. My husband and I ordered four dishes (Chaat, Katchapuri, Lamb Kefta, and Yucca Fries), and it was plenty. We still managed to spend $130, but that is because we had three drinks each.

  • Did they post their drinks menu too? I am curious about their alcoholic offerings, and their prices.

  • After watching the hell they had to go through to open up I am planning on frequenting this place. At least a few times but hopefully more if the food is as awesome as it sounds. They really had to deal with a lot of unnecessary crap from the “Shaw Dupont” group so hopefully the neighborhood shows them a lot of love.

  • Are they very busy? How long would the wait be on a Tuesday night at 7 pm?

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