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  • Wow..I justt took a picture of this tree on sunday as I was driving by and thought how cool it looked. Glad I got a pic of it before they knocked it down.

  • Is that legal? Aren’t they protected? Or is that only on NPS land?

    • That is not a cherry blossom tree.

      • Cant tell much from the video but it might be a redbud

      • Actually, I think that was a cherry tree…not the variety that is down along the tidal basin though. These are called Kwanzan Flowering Cherry trees…their blooms are more pom-pom like.
        Similiar to a flowering peach tree.

  • Traumatizing? I wonder if they have therapy for getting over the death of a tree.

    • I cringe when I hear people misuse the word traumatized – is watching this tree come down going to lead to long lasting psychological harm? I hope not!

      • i cringe when i read people online criticizing other people’s word choices in order to prove their moral superiority with condescending and unnecessary comments.

    • They must be a hermit.

  • Traumatizing is a little dramatic maybe.

  • one of my favorite popville videos of all time. wish they’d kept the tree though.

  • This is probably being done for the new Capitol Crossing project. They have been putting up fences and construction cones over the past couple weeks for the “relocation and reconfiguration of utilities and the street grid right-of-way. ” – http://www.bizjournals.com/washington/breaking_ground/2014/01/capitol-crossing-its-actually.html?page=all

    • Sssshhhhh… Enough with that sensible talk and reasonable speculation. Getting all self-righteous and whiny about things you know nothing about is so much better.

  • Oh, the humanity!

  • Not what I would call a barbaric YAWP, but even Whitman would think you were overreacting a bit here.

  • I saw a similar incident, but with a twist:
    In 2009, when they were starting to build the dog park at 17th & S Sts., I watched them cut down a full grown cherry tree in full blossom, and them push the whole tree, trunk-first, into an industrial-sized mega-chipper… so the whole thing slowly got sucked into the chipper, shaking and shimmying, until every last bloom had been chipped.
    I was not traumatized – I thought it was a terrific sight of beautiful destruction.
    I only wish I’d had a camera with me.

  • Just cause God didn’t give you folks an appropriate appreciation for nature doesn’t mean you should criticize those who do. I totally understand the removal (yes its for Capital Crossing, which will be a great thing), but it was still traumatic to see such a beautiful tree go.

    • One can have an appropriate appreciation for nature (god-given or not), as well as a sense of perspective.

    • That’s a cute stance considering that the video was taken from the inside of a car — something that spews 5 metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year, as well as methane, nitrous oxide and HFCs. But yes, by all means, let’s get outraged about removing a tree that was intentionally planted there in the first place. Because nature!

  • Didn’t take the video, I WALK past the tree ( or used to ) everyday on my way to work . But super nice try.

  • And, as an aside , if you can’t appreciate beauty to the point of trauma when it’s ripped away , I feel sorry for you.

    • And the rest of us are shaking our heads at someone who apparently hasn’t experienced something truly traumatizing.

      • and yet here you are, in the comments section to prove how much deeper you are than someone else. thank you. we would never have seen the light without you

        • People, be nice to each other. The OP’s use of “traumatizing” is a bit overdramatic, but no need for everyone to be jumping down everybody else’s throats in criticizing/defending it.

  • Wow I just took a pic of that tree last Sunday too because I thought it was so pretty. I live at 555 Mass and we used to have a pretty pink blossom blooming tree but out building manager didn’t like it and had it uprooted last year.

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