Wild – Stetson’s used to be Alfred’s Steak House in the 40s/50s – Awesome Old Photo


Not a proper Streets of Washington like the awesome one from earlier this week but this photo from the collection of John DeFerrari is so freaking cool. John is the author of Historic Restaurants of Washington, D.C.: Capital Eats

I had no idea that:

“The storefront at 1610 U Street NW supposedly housed a speakeasy in Prohibition days. In the 1940s and 1950s it was Alfred’s Steak House, prominently located at the western end of the “Black Broadway” of U Street. According to Stetson’s web site, Alfred’s customers included Duke Ellington, Pearl Bailey, Nat King Cole, Count Basle, and Sarah Vaughn. Stetson’s Bar and Grill opened on the site in 1980.”

I also had no idea that Stetson’s has been open since 1980!?!…

1610 U Street, NW today

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  • I met a bartender in SoHo in NYC recently who spoke wistfully about his time in DC in the 80s/early 90s, often spent at the “great cop bar Stetson’s in the sketchy part of town”

  • Great photo and historical context.

  • Definitely post of the week. Interior of Stetson’s I’m sure hasn’t changed too much from the Alfred’s days with the b/w tile.

    • Look at the Historic Restaurants of DC link that is within the post and scroll down a bit. There is an old picture from inside Alfred’s and you can definitely recognize Stetsons – hardly changed at all!

  • I like how Stetson’s top (fabric) sign is in the shape of the old Alfred’s neon sign. Shame the old neon sign is gone.

    • i was just about to post this. That is pretty awesome they kept the same shape. Even the “bar & grille” in a box like the “steakhouse” was.

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