After Peacock Room Opens in Georgetown – A Look at the Menu

2622 P Street, NW

A couple of weeks ago a reader asked about who was going into the former consignment store space at 27th and P St, NW. At that time we learned it would be a new cafe focusing on tea, coffee and pastries. Their website says:

“AFTER PEACOCK ROOM is a fine dining cafe located in Georgetown, Washington DC. We provide excellent coffees and teas with fine pastries and savory light meals.

The design is a modern interpretation of Peacock Room: Harmony of Blue and Gold, created by James McNeal Whistler in 1877.

We hope to be a shelter where you can come to escape the hectic outside world for a little while.

We are open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-7pm.

Check out the menu: after-peacock-room-menu (PDF)



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  • Where are the peacocks? And why would anyone want to spend 9 bucks for a pot of tea when you have to drink it sitting on a small hard uncomfortable chair at a school lunch-room table?

  • Seems like such an odd location.

  • I can’t imagine that there are enough folks who want to spend this much money for a tea sandwich and a cuppa when there are real English high teas at all the big hotels!

  • I wouldn’t invest in this business model, but if there’s anywhere in the city it could possibly survive, it’s the East Village of Georgetown.

    • Yes, those are the people who donated $70K to keep their corner store in business. If they take a shine to it, it’ll be fine. If not then it’s doomed.

  • I am not being negative, and honestly hate to crush anyone’s dream – but this is a guaranteed fail, so I hope the owners can accept that before they loose everything.

  • Gotta admit, the “Ladies who Lunch” crowd who frequent a number of G’town establishments are going to turn their noses up at the look and feel of the place. And to be honest I can’t think of anyone else who might be in the market for a cup of tea and sandwich at those prices. I think they need to change their business model quickly – do a more down to earth coffee shop and sandwich bar type place.

    • I am so disappointed about what this place will be, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting its opening since rumors that a coffee shop would go in started 2 or 3 years ago. I live around the corner, and there are 6-8 LARGE apartment buildings and modest condo buildings within one block (in other words, not the sterotypical Gtown crowd). A casual, comfortable, not exorbitant place to get tea, coffee, a dessert, maybe even a light dinner would do well here. Like Teaism (with coffee), or whatever your favorite neighborhood coffee shop is. Even a Starbucks would be more appealing to me.
      But this? Ugh.

  • As a neighbor, this is so disappointing. I was hoping we’d get something inviting and cozy with good coffee and baked goods (Stachowski’s a block away takes care of the sandwiches). The hours are odd too. Given the aesthetic (dark, almost black walls) and menu (expensive tea and dessert), I thought they were going for an after dinner crowd.

  • Did I miss the “fine dining” on the menu? Salad and quiche not exactly fine dining. What an odd, out of the way place.

  • Ya’ll tripping. Yes, tea is high, but that’s probably for a pot and it’s served with a small side.

    Sandwich/quiche prices are normal or lower.

    I would kill for something like this on H. I drink a lot of tea…

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