100 Montaditos Applies for Liquor License at the Boilermaker Building in Navy Yard

300 Tingey Street, SE

We first heard about the “Fast Casual Spanish Restaurant”, 100 Montaditos, last August. Because I am impatient I was starting to wonder if they were still coming – happy to see the just posted a liquor license placard out front which sounds pretty awesome:

“This is a new Retail Class “D” Restaurant. 100 Montaditos an exciting environment, tasting Spain’s famed Mahou beer or other typical thirst-quenchers, including red and white wines, claras (beer with lemon-lime soda) sangria (wine punch made with chopped fruit) and tintos de verano (red wine blended with lemon-lime soda).

The restaurant specializes in montaditos, crunchy Spanish rolls baked to order and jam-packed with traditional ingredients as Serrano ham, Spanish tortilla, chorizo sausage and Manchego cheese.

The number of seats is 74 and total load 74.”

Hours are listed as Sunday through Thursday 11 am -10 pm, Friday and Saturday 11 am – 12 am.

Updates as they get closer to opening.


Incidentally, Blue Jacket’s front patio is looking good too:


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  • i love montaditos!

  • this is awesome news! gonna get my jamon iberico on.

  • This place is great! One of their restaurants opened in Bethesda a few months ago and I really enjoyed it. Great little sandwiches for good prices.

  • Nice! Been wanting to try this but haven’t felt like schlepping to the ‘burbs.

  • I’m happy to see that the number of businesses in this area is finally starting to grow. As for Blue Jacket, they’re still constantly packed, I think mostly due to marketing hype, because the quality of the food there has never been all that great. I see that they’ve completely revamped their beer program since the last time I was there, so hopefully things are on the up and up for them. They need to do something to that dinner menu, though. Ugh.

  • Turns out that despite all the announcements, the lease wasn’t finalized until February. The franchisee expects built out to take 8-10 weeks. Given DC permitting and such, let’s mark that as the end of baseball season so as to not get our hopes up.

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