Work Finally Starts on New Taqueria Habanero Coming near Red Derby

3710 14th St, NW

We first heard about Taqueria Habanero back in Oct. 2013. Excited to see the work has started – the permit posted out front says there will be 29 seats with a total occupancy of 33.

14th Street looking north toward Red Derby and soon to be Lyman’s Tavern

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  • Speaking of Lyman’s Tavern – it looks like they painted the outside and there’s been a lot of working going on inside lately, any idea when it’ll be opening?

  • I’m cautiously optimistic.

  • I’m cautiously optimistic as well. Not that this area needed ANOTHER Taqueria, but at least it’s quality development. I hope to see more.

  • I hope the quality will be like El Chilango but that’s probably asking too much. Speaking of taquerias, did 3 Salsas start using two tortillas with their tacos or did they stick with one?

  • So if I am right, Habanero means Havanan, which means it will be a Cuban taqueria?! Please! Might be great.

    • The sign in the photo says “Taqueria Habanero – Autentica Cocina Mexicana,” so it looks like it’s Mexican food with habanero chili peppers, not Havanan/Cuban food.

  • I love tacos, papusas, and everything in between. But please, dear God, we need something else on this stretch of 14th Street besides another Mexican/Central/Latin American joint. Even with the significant Latino population in the area, I just don’t get how it’s economically viable to install a new Latin cuisine restaurant in the immediate area. Half of the new spots that have opened up in the last two years appear to be fairly empty most of the time (e.g., El Aterdecer, La Dulche Noche, Tres Salsas).

    11th Street appears to be diversifying nicely (e.g., Filipino joint in the near future). Perhaps some adventurous restauranteurs can venture up this way on 14th . . .

  • ^^^ And not to take away from Mad Momo’s. But that’s just one of many that is doing something different. Would like to see the neighborhood retain its current cultural integrity while allowing for a bit more diversity in cuisine.

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