Winter Storm Warning: 4-8 Inches Predicted – If OPM Calls Snow Day Meridian Pint Showing Indiana Jones Trilogy

Photo by PoPville flickr user wolfkann

A Winter Storm Warning has been issued from 7pm Sunday- 2pm Monday predicting 4-8 inches for the DC area.

What are the odds for one more snow day?

@MeridianPint [11th and Park Rd, NW] tweets us:

“Indiana Jones trilogy in the basement with sound if @usopm calls a snow day tomorrow. Brunch at 10 movies at noon.”

And remember that street sweeping is suspended for Monday and Tuesday.

And metrobus will be on a “moderate” snow service plan:

“Due to forecast weather and road conditions, Metrobus service is expected to begin Monday on a “moderate” snow service plan, meaning that many Metrobus routes will have planned snow detours in effect to keep buses off of hilly terrain, narrow side streets and other problem areas.  Most, if not all, Metrobus routes are expected to operate under the moderate snow service plan.

Riders can get details and check maps showing the planned detours by using the links below:

All bus service may experience delays due to weather road conditions. Please allow additional time and use extreme caution when traveling.”

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  • There is no “Indiana Jones trilogy.” I believe they meant to say they will be showing the first three works of the Indiana Jones tetralogy.

  • Meridian Pint should also be forced to show the Indiana Jones/George Lucas South Park episode. NEVER FORGET.
    (This will also help with the annoying parents)

    • When I watched that South Park episode I thought it was way over the top. Then I saw the fourth movie and came to the conclusion that the tone of the South Park Episode was just about right.

      • I saw the new Indiana Jones at the Ziegfeld in NYC when it opened with a bunch of friends. We were so pissed off and disappointed. So many jeers from the crowd, people were straight-up heckling and laughing at the movie. What a piece of garbage.
        As soon as I saw the South Park episode, I felt immediately validated. Was right on the money.

      • justinbc

        Isn’t the point of South Park to be way over the top?

        • Yeah but there is way over the top and then there are jokes about forcible sodomy. I think the latter is in a different category.

  • For the family types who might not be aware of the layouts and rules of every bar/restaurant in town: The basement at Meridian Pint is a bar, and thus 21 and up. So don’t take your kids to see the movie. They won’t let them in.

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