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  • Compost bins, I would think.

  • they are compost bins, my grandma and grandpa had one just like this in their backyard that they put their table scraps in.

  • composting

  • I was just wondering whether we could use some of the old super cans and convert them into compost tumblers! Or rain barrels. Our alley now has a huge surplus of the green and blue cans…..

    • You can definitely make a compost bin from the trash cans! I’ve been using two of the older cans for years to make compost. Drill lots of holes around the sides, bottom and top with a paddle bit, make at least one good sized hole in the bottom for drainage. The cans are not rodent proof so it’s a good idea to wrap the can including the bottom) in hardwire cloth. I don’t turn the compost, just keep putting material in until it’s full, poke some holes in the center of the compost to get air into the middle then let it sit.
      A rain barrel is also possible – I’ve seen trash cans being used as rain barrels in my neighborhood. You’d need to divert rain from the downspout into the can and then attach a hose towards the bottom to use the water. More specific directions on the web.

  • I thought compost needed air. And why would they be buried – wouldn’t it be hard to turn the mix and scoop it out? I’m guessing dog poo bins.

  • Seriously, don’t open the hatch. You saw LOST, right? Do not open the hatch. World of pain, bro.

  • In some parts of Arizona (around Phoenix, at least) these are used instead of the plastic trash bins. They are buried in the ground much like these pictures and have a latch so that the coyotes and javelina cannot get into them.

  • ah

    We had one of these where I grew up – it was for wet waste, not compost. You step on the little handle sticking up to flip up the lid, and drop in the waste. The trash collector could open up the larger lid (also hinged) and pull out a metal sleeve/bucket inside to empty all the waste into the garbage truck.

  • It’s where Walter White is keeping his money.

  • I’ve seen a similar contraption that is used for composting dog waste. They work really well.

  • Land mines. When they say keep off the grass, they mean it.

  • I would sincerely hope they are not compost bins. But I could see an informed person using them for this purpose. First, compost needs to be regularly churned (ideally with a pitchfork so that clumped material can be broken apart), which would be almost impossible in these cans. Second, compost needs to breath, which seems unlikely granted the cans are underground and seemingly hermetically sealed. Third, compost should not be stored in metal bins, granted today’s metal products are really amalgams of non-metallic (often petroleum-based) materials.

    These are more likely just garbage cans. Or maybe being used for leftover fireplace ash, which is probably the most appropriate purpose…

  • Kimchi Fermenters

  • This is how the trash cans look where I lived in Puerto Rico. Its great because they are in the ground and not an eyesore, even though many people in my neighborhood littered A LOT including my family (not me), so the streets weren’t necessarily very clean.

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