What an Awesome Building – The Bulletin – in Chinatown

717 6th Street, NW

Well this building, formerly home to Muse Lounge, is pretty freaking awesome. Built in 1928, the Bulletin Building:

“The architectural firm of Rodier & Kundzin designed the building for the United Publishing Company. The main façade of the building is constructed in limestone, and features four Art Deco bas relief panels that portray the printing trade and ties the building to the trade, that it housed for 60 years.”

It is owned by the group that owns, seemingly, nearly all of DC’s cool historic buildings – Douglas Development. The 7,070 rentable square feet building is currently for lease though no price is listed.


Lots more photos including closeups of the Art Deco bas relief panels after the jump.







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  • seems like theres a lot of these buildings….like the washington dc bank (i think thats what its called) i think its on 14th and I? maybe. But its a really cool old building and is just sitting there!

  • The four friezes across the top are four great thinkers from history. One is Confucious and one is Thomas Edison (i.e., the guy with the light bulb). Can’t recall who the other two are.

    • I would assume that one of them (the first picture) is Gutenberg.

    • I don’t think either Confucius or Edison are up there unless they’re terrible likenesses of the two. Confucius had a full beard and the popular image of Edison is usually of his older years. The second and third reliefs are clearly Gutenberg and Benjamin Franklin. That’s a press in front of Franklin, not a light bulb.

      • I meant first and third, not second and third.

        • I heard them in a lecture many years ago so I probably don’t recall them correctly. Maybe the guy on the far right is Henry Ford, with his gears? One is Chinese….. sounds like fodder for Prince of Petworth to research!

      • Internetz search brings up some nice pics on Flickr and if the guy knows what he is talking about, the Gutenberg/Franklin are correct, and the other two are not supposed to resemble anyone in particular.

  • Rooftop of this building is great, could be the spot for live music and dancing. Hope this place gets a great tenant. Hilton Brothers???

    Remember this place used to be Coyote Ugly??

    • I see a cool old building and I think, “I would like to dance on that cool old building’s roof”.

      • That’s exactly what I think because I’m cool.

        You’re probably the kind of person who spends a night out on the town admiring the ceiling of the bar you’re in, like “Wow, great mouldings!”

  • I live nearby and noticed this for the first time just a week or two ago. I wonder if they recently changed it so the panels are more visible.

    • The panels have been there for years but, from the street, seem rather small and are barely noticeable unless they are pointed out

  • Love, love, love this building. I wish DC had some sort of art requirement for new construction so we could get more cool stuff like this.

  • I’m glad Douglas Development owns all of these awesome historical buildings so they can just sit there, unoccupied and in varying states of decay until they fall down.

  • Remember when this place used to be the Rock?

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