Video of Phone Snatching from Capital South Metro and Props to the Cops

Thanks to a reader for sending the link:

“Metro Transit Police remind riders of the importance of maintaining awareness of your surroundings when using electronic devices. This incident happened shortly after 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 22, 2014. The suspect was stopped and arrested outside the station. The phone was recovered.

Also, as a reminder, it is never a good idea to chase a suspect. No property is worth the risk of getting hurt. Instead, get a good description of the suspect and be a good witness for police.

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  • Why was the thief’s face blurred? Shame the jerk!

      • He’s old enough to steal someone’s personal property right out of their hands, he’s old enough to be publicly humiliated. It’s not like the juvenile justice system is going to give him more than a slap on the wrist anyway.

        • Agree +1,000,000,000. Most other states do not shield juveniles from having their names listed in arrest reports and to the media, and having their mug shots distributed. Since they represent such a massive percentage of the criminals in these “snatch and grab” robberies (and other crimes), I am always frustrated that they are not identified.

    • Blurry Face Syndrome afflicts thousands of Americans every year. We can all see its terrible effects as its victims appear every day on our televisions and in our newspapers.

      One day we may find a cure for BFS, but until then, all we can do is raise awareness and show our faces in support of those who literally can’t show their own.

  • the girl trips and falls, feel bad for her. least she got her phone back.

  • Surroundings being the metro? Was she to assume that the kid would try to snatch the phone from her hands? You ever find yourself having trouble getting out of the house in the morning due to all the anxiety you must feel being outside?
    With that said, yea, don’t flash around a $600 toy.

    • Guess the previous victim-blaming post was deleted… but out of curiosity, what is WMATA trying to accomplish here? Is this just a more vivid reminder to keep expensive electronics out of site?

    • “Surroundings” being, um, the stuff around you. For example, if you’re in an empty station except for one person who is walking right behind you, maybe be alert. You don’t have to make any assumptions about anything – but it’s reasonable to keep your head up when the only other person around is walking toward you from behind. You don’t have to be anxious, you just have to not, as you say, wave around a $600 toy.

  • I get why they say not to chase someone, but if she hadn’t he would have jumped on that train and been gone forever.

  • Man I wished she hadn’t tripped. I think she would have given that chump a good pounding on that platform…I place all my bets on her.

  • That’s why I keep one hand on my phone and the other on my PEPPER SPRAY

  • Oh man, she almost got him. I am confident I would have gotten him, so got so close.

    • Or got thrown onto the tracks. Her motive was to get her phone; his was to get away. Would not have worked out well for her – lucky she fell!

  • That girl is awesome. She definitely put up a good fight.

  • gotryit

    That was a pretty good fake by the thief – probably would have tripped me up too.

    • That’s what I thought. Glad he was eventually caught, but he gave her an awesome juke move. Sorry she had to go through that whole ordeal tho..

  • Are we unable to have an expectation of safety and comfort in public? I really don’t get the posts that are blaming the girl here. Like she is hardly disengaged from the world here. It’s pretty gross that we can not have an expectation of personal safety without being on the look out all the time.

    • I don’t see any posts here blaming the girl. And as for your question, maybe you should watch the video again. There’s the real world and there’s the ideal world – you can choose which one you want to live in, or you can choose some combination of the two. But eventually, you may also have to choose whether you want your iPhone stolen again.

    • Short answer: Yes, we are unable to have that expectation. Unless you want a police state where ED-209 Enforcement Droids are lurking around making sure no illegal acts are ever committed, then you just have to be vigilant. We don’t always need to blame the victim, but people should realize that society sucks sometimes and there’s nothing you can do about it but protect yourself.

  • damn, thats painful to watch.

    • Reason not to chase the thief: imagine that she did catch him followed by a skirmish that ends with one or both parties falling on the tracks and seconds later the train turns them into ground beef. It’s just a phone and not worth the risk.

      • gotryit

        Thanks, mom.

        • I saw a phone snatching that involved a bystander getting knocked down towards a train. Thankfully it was stopped.

      • DC CapHill

        I WISH she had caught up to him, decided she didn’t care about the phone as much as sending a message to perps citywide and “tripped” him onto the tracks, a la Frank Underwood.

        They can save the whole “don’t give chase, be a good witness.” The Cops and WMATA aren’t going to do SHIT to get your property back. If you want it back, you better do exactly what that girl did and track them down yourself.

        I never understood the mentality of just letting someone get away with your personal property. They punked you RIGHT to your face. Do we have no pride? No sense of right and wrong? An eye for an eye, always, especially in this city where perps look at victims like a Wolf looks at a Sheep.

        • Um, at least as I read this, the cops and WMATA caught the suspect and “recovered” the phone, which was returned to its owner. Also, you might want to keep in mind that righteous indignation doesn’t trump a gun, or even a more experienced fighter. Having personal safety as a priority trumps “pride” — at least in my book, even though I have a hunch that you and I would likely define and view “pride” quite differently.

          • DC CapHill

            Incorrect, it never explicitly says WHO stopped the suspect. The arrest we can assume is the DC Police, since WMATA transit police likely don’t have the authority to “arrest” anyone, but rather detain for the actual Police. If this wasn’t Capitol South, you could pretty much assure yourself there would not be a Police presence readily available.

            Pride = Inherent sense of right and wrong. Someone snatching my personal property from my person, is wrong, and should be immediately remedied. If this girl had taken the advice of WMATA and the Cops, she never would even been there giving chase, yelling, flagging down the Cops or anything else giving them PC to detain and/or arrest the perp.

            And for the record, I’m more of a Falling Down guy than Death Wish.

            There will never come a day I’m afraid of a teenager looking to snatch and run, sorry.

        • DC CapHill, I understand your anger, but I think you might’ve watched the movie Death Wish a few too many times. Deliberately pushing a perp on the tracks resulting in a death would most likely result in the victim/iphone ownser being charged with murder.

          A bit different but see the case of Ira Beumer:

  • Glad they caught the dude.

    In most of these videos, the victim slips. She’s a bad ass though – in the video, she still almost catches him after the fall.

  • Proves my theory that there is waay too much surveillance in the real DC Metro system for SPOILER ALERT Frank Underwood to have gotten away with what he did in Episode 1 of Season 2 of House of Lies.

    • WMATA police at Cathedral Heights reviewed the surveillance tapes and determined it was Carmen Sandiego, not Frank Underwood.

    • That’s what I’m sayin! the perp’s freakin lucky he didn’t get dealt with F.U. style!!

  • I wonder how long he was stalking her? I would’ve kept running parallel to him like an old school pick a hole tacklin drill

  • The only reason she got her phone back is because she chased him. Good for her.

  • “Don’t chase, just be an easy victim” sends the message to scum bags that people are sitting ducks and easy pickings. Definitely the wrong message.

    • I tend to agree. Giving chase is quite probably not worth the risk for an individual victim, but it very well may be in aggregate—if everyone gave chase, then thefts like this would not look like a sure thing.

    • I’d chase an [apparently] unarmed thief under most circumstances, but there’s too much opportunity for stuff to go very wrong on a metro platform. I’m very fast and reasonably confident in my hand-to-hand fighting ability, yet I have absolutely no desire to take part in a physical struggle on a metro platform. If anything, I might pursue the dude but deliberately not catch him until clear of the platform and escalator, and then grab him in the station. Fighting on the metro platform is dumb. Fighting on stairs or escalators is dumb, too. On the street, I’d probably go for it. On a metro platform, not worth it.

      • +1
        This is the right response. Way too much bad stuff can accidentally happen in a struggle on a Metro platform.

  • That video is really high quality for the metro.

  • I keep a tiny 6 shooter in the small of my back. I take it everywhere. Even to work. You could pat me down and not feel it, it’s that small… I wish he would have tried to take my phone 🙂 I would have politely shot him in the back of his head – then gave him the phone… (None of this is real – I just wanted to type like a bad ass for a second)… now back to my gun-less government job 🙁

    • You would also get charged with murder (or at the very least manslaughter) for shooting anyone – even a thief who stole from you – in the back of the head.
      Had this girl tossed him on the tracks and he was maimed/killed, she would have been looking at a long time in prison. Not a smart move on her part -NEVER start a hand-to-hand struggle on a Metro platform. Way too many variables for things to go bad.

  • Am I the only one who immediately started playing the Benny Hill music to this? Anyways, glad they caught him and she got her phone back. I secretly wish someone would try this stunt on me so I could inflict some vigilante justice

  • So many internet thugs, you all need hugs. A phone is not worth it. Of course in hindsight everyone here is Mr. Bronson himself; however, trust me it ain’t worth it.

  • People like this serve no function to society and are basically a waste of space. A useless eater.

  • US Capitol Police apprehended the perpetrator about a half block from the Metro station. He never had a chance as officers in five patrol cars and on two motorcycles responded. Looked to be 16 or 17 years old.

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