Very Cool New DC Map Poster


I thought these look pretty great. From an email:

“Yesterday I released my Washington DC City Map. The Washington DC City Map includes the year of settlement, the city’s longitude / latitude and a map with each neighborhood filled with one of my patterns. It comes in 3 sizes and starts at $10.”

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  • I like. But want a larger size.

  • I love the map itself, but I strongly dislike the position/orientation of the text. Maybe if I could get a print with just the map?

  • Love the colored map part, but what’s with the incredibly awkward typography? Type shouldn’t be stacked vertically, and including the periods after the D and C makes it even worse.

  • Your stuff is very cool, but DC is not a neighborhood!

  • GiantSquid

    The patterns and colors are beautiful. However, I agree, that the typography for the name on the left is off. Assuming you’re ok with stacked text, it looks like all the characters are center aligned rather than left, and as a result, the D and C stick out because they take into consideration the space and the period. If you look at the rest of the cities she has, they don’t have the state’s abbreviations in there. I’m a big fan of consistency. As a designer, it annoys me enough that I couldn’t have it on my wall. It would bother me every time I looked at it.

    • I didn’t mind the text until you pointed out the issue with the D.C. being off centered. Now, it is driving me nuts too!

  • Welcome to Prince of Petworth where everyone is an art critic, a food expert, an interior designer, a real estate expert, etc. Sheesh…

    • Eh, I’m far from an art critic or much of an expert on anything except my job, and I still think the typography is awful. It’s so distracting I wouldn’t be able to buy this, although I think the art itself is beautiful.

    • Sounds like you’re very uncomfortable with the fact that others have a deeper level of knowledge/understanding than you do. I would suggest you make peace with this being fact – there are LOTS of people who know more than you do, especially in DC. The sooner you accept reality the easier it becomes. Also, I don’t recall when someone actually claimed to be an expert on any given topic – folks are merely posting their opinions. Do with that what you will.

      • there are LOTS of people who know more than you do, especially in DC…and in DC they will be sure to let you know that

    • justinbc

      Most people are experts in their own preferences, which is all these folks are stating.

  • Not a fan of any of the text. Just the map with the patterns would be great!

  • I think artists like jHill Design really put him/herself out there when making art. Everyone has a right to be critical of art, but I think some of you are being a little harsh rather than constructive or kind about it. Regardless of whether we like it or not, I think its awesome that we have someone making art focused on DC.

    • oh thanks Anon. Not to worry, I love seeing all the feedback. We’ve sold enough Map Prints for me to be confident in the overall design, but I’ve never thought of making map prints with just a map and no text on it, it’s an interesting thought.

      • Okay, if you’re open to it – my question is more about the choice of text.

        Why is the 1790 so prominent and so much more prominent than the rest of the text?
        I know it’s the founding, so there’s nothing wrong with including it, but making it so big it makes it seem like there were a major anniversary year coming up. (Or that there might be a series of maps from different dates. Hint, hint.)

        That being said, I do like the inclusion of the longitude and latitude. And the map itself of course.

        • sure Planner. the original design was really inspired by vintage flash cards and the periodic table. When I did the first sketches I used the smaller date but it really competed with the other text, and seemed like an afterthought. I think the large year is a good anchor and balances the text.

          We do prints for different occasions for one place, namely Boston because that is where I live. We did a series for each sports team’s championship, so you can see how the heavy date works really well when you have a series of maps shown together.

          Thanks for your question!

  • Love it! Just want it!

  • I’ll echo what others have said. I would consider purchasing one if more thought were put into the typography (ie: I’d prefer if the “WASHINGTON D.C.” were gone altogether – beside not liking the orientation, centering, and use of periods, if people don’t know they’re looking at an outline of DC while in my house, they can ask). I mean this feedback to be constructive.

  • Was it truly settled in 1790? Or is that when there was an executive order to have the seat of government be placed with the designated 100 Square mile boundaries. Remember, Alexandria and Georgetown were towns, settled well before 1790. I know what you are getting at, but if you are calling out 1790, maybe you include the original boundaries. Or the date when all towns within the boundaries were incorporated into what we know now as Washington DC.

  • Sorry – I’m not really getting this. The map itself doesn’t show anything about neighborhoods or dates? Do the designs on each bit have anything to do with the neighborhoods? Of course they don’t have to – but otherwise – why a map and not just a patchwork quilt of your designs?

    • Why not a map? Many people like visual representations of where they live. You have to fill it with something, why not a different pattern for each neighborhood? I would never hang a rectangular patchwork of random patterns on my wall. In the shape of a map, I might.

  • OK – I get your personal preference – still don’t understand this execution. But I don’t really care – pretty pictures are good. I just don’t get the relation/connection to a map.

    • You don’t “understand” a stylized map? Not sure what to tell you then except that you’re overthinking (or underthinking). There’s not much to “get”, either you like it or you don’t.

  • Was anyone else taught, If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?, and more fitting here – if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. It’s that simple.

  • We are too swamped with orders from this post to keeping checking in and responding to comment! If you have any questions about the map or why we designed it in a certain way please hit us up at info (at) jhilldesign (dot) com. Thanks DC!

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