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  • You should see it from the Soapstone Valley side. Even more impressive.

    • I was going to say, if you get right up close to it you can see just how deep it’s excavated, and it’s pretty crazy. I’m curious how “tall” the new structure will look from the downhill side.

    • I walked through the valley when they were demo-ing and felt a bit sick. all sorts of bad stuff was in the air.

  • Good. That thing was an eyesore.

  • I wish they would leave it open like that. Please don’t develop it!

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Growing up in the neighborhood, across the street was a drive in HoJo’s. We were latchkey kids as my mom worked as my dad’s office manager (Della Street to Perry Mason). When they got home sometimes she’d ask if we could e-a-t in the c-a-r (so the little kids didn’t know what she was asking). The Van Ness square was a skating rink. Usually I’d get the teen twist or a mighty mo (the forerunner of the big mac).

  • How many levels below street level did Van Ness Square go? I know that it dipped pretty deep into the valley down there.

    • I’d guess that it’s > 4 stories all the way down. As a driver, I’ve actually gotten sort of nervous since the only thing between me and the bottom is a wooden plank, a chain link fence, and a sharp cliff.

  • It’s a pretty striking view, and I imagine will be even prettier when the leaves are back on the trees.
    I just want the sidewalk next to it to re-open soon, though.

    • wouldn’t it be nice if they started providing protected sidewalks around construction sites, and shutting down 1 of the many lanes of traffic instead? I notice this all over town. At the construction sites off 7th in Shaw, all the sidewalks are closed and largely being used as storage or porta potty space, and have also been used for car parking by construction workers. The only place there is a sidewalk there anymore is right in front of the leasing office for the building. shameful that the city doesn’t protect pedestrian rights.

      • They already do this. They took huge amounts of parking away on 14th south of U for ped use when all those buildings were under construction.

      • I know it’s tough when everybody isn’t forced to do what would make your life more convenient.

  • One thing I noticed immediately is how smooth and well-striped the pavement on CT Ave was in the ‘before’ picture versus the sorry state of repair it’s in today.

  • I miss Sirius Coffee.

  • Thank you for reminding me what was there! I drove by the other day and just couldn’t remember…SO strange that it just disappeared!

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