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  • My girlfriend liked Pi, but on each of the half dozen occasions we’ve either dined-in or carried out, the place is empty. Not surprised that this is happening.
    On a side note: on more than one occasion, the bartender at Pi asked when I called for takeout if I realized I wasn’t calling District of Pi… I found this odd. I wonder if they should’ve changed names so as to not confuse patrons.

  • To make it in AM, it seems you need to either be something really unique like Dunburi or a dive bar that is heavy on booze. There just doesn’t seem to be the foot traffic outside drinking hours to support run of the mill businesses. Hopefully, the new bakery won’t have the same issues.

    • not really. there are plenty of ‘run of the mill’ businesses in AM, and plenty of foot traffic to support them. fleet feet, brass knob, toro mata, idle time books, de vinos, two record shops, meeps… and if you just mean casual pizza places, mellow mushroom does great.

  • I understood that Pi had closed at the end of 2013–has it still been open?

    • I’m not clear on the details but from what I heard there were personal issues affecting the owners and other AM business people stepped in to help keep the place open. So yeah, I think it almost closed last year, but didn’t.

  • We live around the corner. We had never gone because I don’t care for Pi Pizzeria in Chinatown and I thought they were the same place. The night we tried Pi in AM, the waitress told me they are not affiliated with Pi Pizzeria in Chinatown and a lot of business was lost because 1. people don’t like Pi in chinatown and 2. people were confused. They were actually there before Pi in Chinatown opened.

    • Interesting, pretty sure District of Pi is doing quite well. So not sure how that could cause people to not want to go there…

  • I like Pi in Adams Morgan, though I did not go there enough. But it is too bad if DC govt is enforcing anything against them when NY NY “restaurant” across the street is really a nightclub, has multiple fights and noise violations, hasn’t paid rent, and uses sham bankruptcy filings to avoid reality. I support nightlife in AM but I want taxes and rent paid, people protected, and other rules followed.

  • I know the bartender of the downstairs bar and he said that they are closed, likely from a lack of business. It’s a damn shame too, because they had some of the best pizza in DC, friendly staff, and good happy hour specials. They’re owned by the folks up the street at Madams Organ, by the way.

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