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  • this cannot open soon enough, no longer will i need to travel across 16th to teeter, through the masses to giant, or down past u to go to trader joes (eventually). This will be amazing! the Yes market nearby is so crowded and expensive!

  • Hoping this place beats Yes on price and quantity. The footprint is promisingly large, and the aisles seem pretty narrow, indicating a pretty stocked store. So many new markets (I’m looking at you Smucker’s, Glenn’s, etc) don’t come close to being full-service grocery options. And yes, it’s possible even with a small footprint. NYC bodegas put a supermarket’s worth of stuff in a tiny space.
    Highest hopes are for: large produce selection, good bread (please, please, please…), olive bar, bulk dry goods…

  • I’m sure there will be many more new grocery stores in the near future considering Safeways will soon be non-existent.

  • Cerebrus owns Acme and Jewel and have invested in the stores.

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