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  • I walked by at 4:00 pm today and there were cars lined up on 14th waiting for a space to open in the garage.

  • note to self, never got TJS on a sunday. I went saturday and it was very pleasant. Lots of people but i did not fee like i was getting in peoples way constantly, the lines at the register move fast and you do not feel rushed having someone breathing down your back while u scramble for your credit card or VIC card

  • Went there around noon. It was a little crowded, but they handled the crowd very well. we were in line for less than 10 minutes.

  • Was there around 2pm today. Just like the Foggy Bottom location the line was quick and well managed! Glad TJ’s is in the neighborhood!

  • Glad it is here, nice addition to the hood, but I was surprised at how small it is, it was like a YES market. Will do just fine though, if they can keep it properly stocked, lots of stuff out of stock tonight.

    • Funny, I was surprised at how *big* it is! Have you been to the one in Foggy Bottom? The U St. one is huge by comparison. My wife and I both marveled at how much space was in the center aisle especially…I’ve never seen a TJ’s aisle so wide anywhere (this is the 5th TJ’s I’ve frequented).

  • The line was much shorter at Whole Foods yesterday!

  • I went Sunday morning around 9:30 and was surprised at how NOT crowded it was. There wasn’t even a line to check out. And the aisles are so wide – it’s like paradise compared to the Foggy Bottom TJ’s!

  • I went Friday afternoon. Nice, if generic, TJ’s. Aisles are wider than usual, which is a huge plus.

  • I think its absolutely terrible that this place is not open until 9AM. Trader Joe’s offers so many affordable, quick items. Oh how i WISH it was open at 8AM so i could pick up lunch on my way to the office!!

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