Time Lapse Video of Lima Condo’s Construction at 11th and V St, NW

11th and V St, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“I live in the Beauregard at 11th & V NW and I have been taking photos of the Lima Condo across the street since they started construction on the site.

It’s been a photo a day, when I wasn’t out of town or I just forgot to take one. It has been fascinating to watch the progress and the construction.

I have assembled the photos into a 1 min 54 sec movie that I would like to share with our neighbors through the PoPville.”

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  • Great idea – well done!

  • Awesome vid! It seems like the price point on the remaining units is quite high, and the feedback by some of the realtors on redfin mentions rushed construction/quality. I think it is a sharp looking building on the outside though.

  • That place is such a dump. I pity the fools who bought there. We looked at the units during the first open house–signs shoddy construction everywhere. It’s like no one who was hanging the drywall in that place owned a level.

  • Very creative idea. Nice job!

  • I want that sign in the front of the complex, does anyone know how I could possibly get it?

  • That was awesome. Well done!

  • Shoddy construction. They haven’t even removed the old service station sign or repaired the sidewalk to remove the driveways.

    • I think they might be planning to leave the sign, and you have to get special permits (I think) to remove curb cuts. That being said, I think the atrocious landscaping and cheap front stairs speak for themselves.

  • Looking at the beginning you can see the steel framing for the hated pop up 2 lots east.

  • This looks precisely like any other one of these newish buildings going up in any particular part of the city.

    I think the Solo Piazza (which at least had a modicum of character) started this trend over in Logan Circle. And it has been plagued by shoddy construction and craftsmanship since it opened.

    But by all means, please inundate the city with more boxy boring lofty style condos and keep prices from shooting up from a lack of supply. I’m not quite ready to buy yet.

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