Sisy’s Restaurant Becomes El Sol Mexican Restaurant on 14th Street

3911 14th Street, NW (between Randolph and Shepherd

About a week ago Sisy’s Restaurant became a new Mexican Restaurant called El Sol (stay tuned for new signage).


While they have tons of Mexican and Salvadoran dishes (unfortunately their menu isn’t on line yet). They are also keeping Sisy’s breakfast menu.


One Comment

  • A Salvadoran restaurant on 14th street?! Be still my heart!!

    How do you say “Bringing coal to Newcastle” in Spanish?

    How is it that a family member, friend, or investor doesn’t tell the owner “Hey, the market might be a bit saturated… Why don’t we try a different menu?”

    I predict that for every new Salvadoran restaurant that opens two will close within the next 2-3 years. Lower 14th used to have several.

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