Shots Fired near Old Soldiers Home around 2:45pm Saturday Afternoon

A reader sends word around 2:45pm Saturday afternoon:

“Ton of cops at 3rd and upshur. Looking for shell casings.”

From MPD:

“UPDATE – After original Officers had responded to the area of 2nd and Upshur an individual called MPD and stated he had been shot at while sitting in a vehicle. Fortunately this individual was not hit by any of the bullets, the vehicle was though. If anyone has additional information about this incident please call 202-727-9099.”

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  • I drove by the roadblock on Upshur. I saw a few policemen looking around in front of the laundromat. My wife asked what happened and couldn’t get any more info than there was a shooting. Nothing reported by the police. Spring is in the air!

  • The Fourth District Police are simply ineffective and lackadaisical. They show up, then leave stating “no proof a shooting occurred”. How hard did they look? Based upon my interaction with them, I’d say they barely tried. When will the Fourth District be held accountable. Let me guess. We will hear from Muriel Bowser soon letting us know she “looked into” and the police are “on it” blah blah blah.

    • They looked. Who knows what really happened. Maybe the driver was cruising around in his mom’s car with his buddies. One of them was playing with a gun and shot the car. Dumber things happen.
      The cops around here have been pretty good. They have been responsive and know what’s going on, but there’s only so much they can do. Bowser, on the other hand. . .

      • My issue is that I don’t see anything about any proactive policing strategy. It’s strictly respond and report. How often do their “investigations” lead to anything? Many cops know the trouble areas, houses and criminals. Other neighborhoods in the district have special task forces assigned to help proactively combat crime. What else has to happen in the fourth district to make our elected officials realize that more needs to be done? There is no leadership or anyone pushing stricter enforcement and prevention measures.

        • What needs to happen? More wealthy white folks.

          • While gentrification generally leads to less violent crime, one of the things I love about Petworth ism it’s diversity. There just needs to be better police work. I mean, just some effort by MPD would be nice. They honestly don’t care or are lazy.

          • Less racists and classists, so please go away.
            What you need is fewer gangs.

          • 11:35 here: you’ve misunderstood, 12:03 PM. The point was that the police will take crime more seriously when the demographics change. ‘Twas ever thus.

  • Sparta

    It was more like 1:30. I was taking my out of town brother to Lincoln’s Cottage for a tour at 2 and passed by the gaggle of police on the way into the Old Soldier’s Home.

  • New folks are replacing the trash and I couldn’t be happier to see it.

  • This is the second daytime shooting in the area in the last 2 weeks. First incident was at Taylor & Rock Creek Church at about 10.45am on a weekday. Despite lots of calls to 911 and multiple witnesses identifying 4 kids running away from the scene – no casings or gun found so nothing was done. My neighbor could tell me who was likely involved so I’m sure mpd know too. The lack of proactive policing and lack of priority given to it by local political leadership is appalling. If Bowser wants our votes then she needs to do more than just talk.

    • Last year around Allison, same thing, kids in daytime with guns. Twice in 2 weeks. My neighbor witnessed it and the detective never even followed up!!! Makes one wonder what drives MPDs lack of diligence when it comes to kids with guns in Petworth!

    • Ask the old timers, it is nothing like it used to be. But indeed the DYRS failure in DC hits hard in Petworth and Shaw from time to time.

    • I go to the neighborhood meetings with the 407 precinct, the precinct that covers the area of both shootings. The police often say that neighbors know who is involved in these crimes but don’t speak up. They often request the neighborhood get involved and report what they know even if they think someone else has already done so. I would also encourage those of you concerned to go to the 407 meetings and let them and the council member’s office know you concerns.

      • So let me get this straight, you’re saying I should take time out of my already busy day, take time off work, find childcare to attend meetings to try and persuade MPD to do their job? To make sure they don’t forget about or drop cases? Um, okay. Shouldn’t it be a given assumption by MPD that citizens are CONCERNED about gunshots?

  • This specific area does seem to have a LOT of activity. What kills me is it’s location: steps away from a heavily guarded complex like the Soldiers Home.

  • A man fired off about a half-dozen shots in quick succession in front of House of Falafel at a target presumably in front of the barber shop. Took off down 2nd. Good excuse for about a dozen cops to stand around for two hours on a beautiful day.

  • Have to agree with other pps, if this daylight shooting were in Georgetown or AU Park the police would be crawling all over it, but since it’s Petworth it’s like they throw their hands up. There are families with children living in the apartment building next door to where this happened. Luckily my friend was at a child’s party up the road or she might have been standing right there. I wish they would take this more seriously and not just blame the lack of progress on the neighbors. Ballistics anyone?

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