Shooting in the 900 block of Farragut St, NW just after 9pm Sunday Night

A reader writes:

“7 shots were fired tonight on Farragut street NW between Illinois and 9th. The first officer on scene was a park police with MPD a few minutes later. A parked car on the street was hit several times and later the police updated that they found a victim though unclear what their condition was.”

From MPD:

“After further investigation of these sounds of gunshots in the 800 block of Farragut Street NW, an adult male victim was located at a local area hospital suffering from a non-life threatening gunshot wound. Fourth District detectives are actively investigating this case. Anyone with information is asked to call 202-727-9099 or text 50411.”

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  • jim_ed

    From where the Police were set up, it looks like this happened closer to 9th and Farragut, which isn’t exactly surprising.

    • Jim, based on prior posts, I know you have noted that that corner/area has some issues. I’ve also seen/heard of prior incidents happening around there. Can you elaborate further, what is the story with that area and why so much concentrated shootings?

      • jim_ed

        I’m not a cop and don’t pretend to be one, so I couldn’t give you the specifics of whats going on there. However, there have been several incidents on/around this block, and I assume it stems from the group of dudes posted up at the corner of 9th and Farragut at all hours. They’ve always been exceptionally nice to my wife and I when we walk past, but my guess, based on how they’re spread out along the block and how people seem to quickly dap 2-3 of them up and then walk off, is that they’re selling drugs. I wish the police would be more proactive in telling us which corners *do* regularly have drug activity (this one and 7th-8th & Jefferson come to mind) so neighbors could be more vigilant in calling the police, but this is simply what we’ve observed around the hood.

        • That’s very helpful, I appreciate it. Always curious if these incidents are random acts of violence, or when the two people know each other. It seems to consistently be the latter.

        • gotryit

          Have you talked to the police about this? They have regular PSA meetings where you can bring things like this up. It may not be something that they can fix right away, but better to get it on their radar. Also, if you can ever talk to vice officers – they rock.

        • I will go ahead and put my police cap on. There are guys that hang out at this corner dealing drugs. 100%. Agree with Jim, they have always been nice, but let there be no misconception of what is going on.

          This is not hidden in any way. I refuse to believe the cops do not know about this corner. Their negligence in not cleaning up this corner (and the likely associated house on the corner) speaks volumes to why Brightwood and the 4th district has issues.

          Why not kick down the front door, seize the house based on what you find, sell it to a developer, and get a couple of productive, contributing members of society into that house?

          • Also, perhaps something will be done now… Sad that someone has to get shot for their to be any action taken.

          • gotryit

            Because of due process. I think they need more than just “shadiness” to raid a house. That’s where the community can come in – we see a lot more than they do. Especially since people will be a lot more brazen when there isn’t a police car on the block.

          • Right, so you set up some cameras in the middle of the night, go do some undercover buys, follow the players, figure out who’s who, then you kick down the door. It takes police work, but that is what we pay 4,000 people to do.

          • I agree with Kyle-W. As a criminal justice major, I don’t understand why our cops don’t use advanced tactics to attack this problem. I mean, it’s not difficult- especially if it’s a common problem area. Kyle-W was spot on. And it’s not only this area. There are well-known drug houses, drug corners etc yet NOTHING is ever done. Heck, the strip where Fusion Restraunt is saw businesses burglarized for many consecutive days! Yet did MPD arrest anyone?!?!! No. All they had to do was a park a cop there and increase patrol. Heaven forbid they do something proactive. Now all the businesses are leaving!

  • I am at 7th and Farragut and definitely heard what sounded like 8 shots. Sounded like it was more like 5th and Farragut, but that was clearly off.

  • Can you update your map? This shooting happened at 9th and Farragut. I distictly heard the shots and called 911 to report it. But your big red dot is on top of my house at 8th and Farragut… so of course my mom is going to freak the hell out when she sees this and she will see it. Thanks!

    • “Come on, mom, don’t worry. That’s more than 400 feet away from where I live. It’s totally safe around my house.”

    • Because I live in the middle of these, I am getting very good at being my own shot spotter. I can tell the difference between automatic weapon vs. pistol vs. shotgun. My cats are pretty good, too. The only loud noises that make them perk up are the gun shots. I know not to tell my Mom about these skills.

  • Based upon comments by neighbors and those that live in the area, this a long time problem corner/corridor – particularly on Sunday nights. So, I ask you all, why the hell the MPD not doing more? This police district is a problem. I don’t know if it’s laziness, corruption or just plain incompetence. People should not have to live in the middle of drug dealing, assaults and shootings. Please contact Muriel Bowser, Mayr Gray and the MPD directly. As residents of DC we can’t accept this.

    • The answer corruption! Don’t bother contacting Muriel Bowser she won’t do anything–been there done that.

  • All your talk about your Moms freaking out. Well I live at 9th and Farragut and my Mom WAS STAYING AT MY HOUSE when the shooting happened. No bueno..

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