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  • Is that a rare plant or something? If they’re going to offer a reward why can’t they just buy another one?

  • Well that’s not very mount pleasanty.

  • Too bad they didn’t steal some of those trash bins. Maybe the plant screened them?

  • Taken or Stolen? Ummm… Taking without permission is stealing.

  • I sympathize – roses were plucked out of my own yard last year. Stealing a TV or something I get. But plants? I just don’t understand.

    • Landscapers will steal them and plant them in their client’s garden. Of course, the gardener will charge a pretty penny to the client for the plant, especially for one that’s decently mature.

  • Why would someone steal a plant now? Mother’s Day is still a month away.
    PSA – don’t put plants/flowers in your front yard until after May 11th.
    A few years ago someone stole all the newly planted azaleas from a church. A CHURCH! That should result in some extra bad karma.

  • Why are people so shitty?

  • This is why we cannot have nice things. There is a subclass in this city who support themselves through crime. No item not nailed down is safe from these people.

    When my daughter was young, her girl scout troup bought and planted annuals in front of her elementary school. They were gone withing 24 hours. Such a sad lesson to learn at such an early age.

    On Lanier Place I had an avocado plant of no or little value stolen. Also, there were kids who would smash any clay pots on the front stoop. I gave up.

    You just cannot have nice things outdoors in the DC culture.


  • In the short time I have lived in a house in Petworth (a little over a year), i have had a rose plant stolen out of the ground, a rusty broke bike used for decor stolen, and someone stole my snow shovel and replaced it with a beat up old shovel. The shovel was the most perplexing, because who bothers to swap out what they are stealing?

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